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  1. the beginning of that was my first attempt. i followed the tutorials directions, i took the grey (at that time i used orange before changing later) and used paint bucket to fill in all the places that were black and mostly solid (i had to zoom in a lot for parts. then i used the recolor button for the white and grey areas left over (two shades of green and one of blue). after that i messed with the sharpness and used the zoom blur. i like it too
  2. im sorry for being such a noob. :oops: anyway, i played around a bit and heres what i got: im extremely new at paint.NET so thanks for bearing with me
  3. you guys are probably tired of these by now but: (and im new at this so be nice) :oops: argh! i know its probably a really simple answer but how do you put an image on here? the img button only says a url. is there a step im not taking?
  4. thanks. does the framework change the way my computer runs? (sorry about this, but i dont know much about this)
  5. i want to download the paint.NET program, but it says i need the .NET framework. my computer is fairly new, and my parents dont want me doing much to change it, so im dont want to download it since i dont know what it does. can someone help me?
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