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  1. Thats pretty cool oh satanic one :mrgreen: Teeth need some AA to remove jaggies the metal could be blood red and the way you did the chrome makes it look like 2 pieces of metal at the base, which could have been accentuated in the black area.

    Overall its your best chrome yet and I think another great indication of how your artistic style is showing a unique flair.

    One more thing, its the only magnifying glass looking piece i have seen in PDN, and in that regard its excellent.

    to the AA i was thinking same thing the blood red won't show up as good agaist that redish brown background

    i've seen another magnifying glass in here but it was used on the paint.net page

  2. Outstanding patterns janet.

    Vlad when you do the metal parts think about subtle gradients , not so bold and layering the gradients to achieve a subtlety that will create a good chrome effect. Aside from that I think something unique want to come out in that style of sig making , You have my support.

    i like my chrome it's unique it's not like everbody elses

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