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  1. I have searched, and came up with no results. In the future, is there any possibility of an escalating line tool, or for this feature to be integrated with the current line tool? For instance, before drawing a line, you set a scale of escalation i.e. 10px to 50px and it creates a cone shape. Beginning point would be 10px, and slowly, or quickly depending on the length of the line, escalate to 50px. Then, the line could also be curved using nodes. I have found myself in need of this for some time now.

  2. Ok, I searched for this topic, but could not find it. I am not sure if anyone has the same problem, but if you have ever installed a font that comes before the Arial font in alphabetical order, when you open up the list of fonts in PDN it still starts at Arial. I have about 15 fonts that alphebetically come before Arial, and I think it would be easier if the list just started with the first font in the list, instead of Arial.

  3. Well, I was in junior high when I first started using PDN, so I hope my input will be helpful. I loved taking some of my interests, i.e. college football, tv show characters, clebrities, and what not, and making collages with them. Then, using simple html, make them my myspace background. I loved it. If it is junior high, I am sure the kids have myspace, facebook, or whatever, so it is always fun to mess around with that stuff.

    Effects are always fun to play with, shape3D will always be fun, and anything to do with fire and explosions creates a level of interest. I hope this was helpful!

  4. In Microsoft Office Groove you are able to create workspaces in which connected users can communicate and use various tools on a project. For instance, all users in a Workspace could work on a Powerpoint Project. So, what I am asking is if there is anyway to allow a Workspace to work on a Paint.Net project. The only thing is, Groove requires a special template to display and use the commands a program uses before it can become a tool.

  5. This may be asking for a lot, and I dont necessarily need it, but if there is anyway to get Microsoft Office Groove support for Paint.Net, it would seriously be the best thing that has ever happened to Paint.Net. If a workspace could work on an image at the same time, it would save so much time for me. Once again, I dont need it, but it would be amazingly awesome to have it. Thanks!

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