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  1. Capital Punishment should not be banned. In the states, staying in prison is like staying in a hotel. AC, free food, warm shower. Hey, you can even get your degree in jail free of charge. So, do I fear jail? No. Capital punishment is even to nice. Put them to sleep, give them pain killers, and quickly kill them painlessy with a shot. Other than death, it doesnt sound so bad. What I am saying is we need to become more harsh. It costs too much to keep inmates, and death row is way to slow and painless. Bring back the electric chair and get rid of AC, and you will see your crime rate decrease.
  2. My HUGE suggestion would be using the Alpha mask plugin. It lets you remove the white and/ or black out of an image.
  3. The planet in the background could use a little work, along with the water in that hole. Of course, I am just being extremely nit picky because I am jelous on how you used the two programs to create something that good. :wink:
  4. That took me about ten minutes, and of course need a lot more work. I just used edge detect and the line/ curve tool with the paintbrush and gradients.
  5. I believe you are refering to the smudge tool, and either way it wouldnt be until v4.0 with custom brushes.
  6. there use to be a Pastel effect lurking around in the shadows somewhere, I remember it not being real effective but it could help you out with your color. As For your outlines, I would simply say manualy find the shapes. I would tell you to use Outline, Edge Detect, and Emboss to find the important lines, and in a seperate layer use the :LineCurveTool: Line/ Curve tool. Could you post one of the pictures that you are trying to convert?
  7. Wow. Simply wow. I had a huge idea, and now I will easily be able to create a model of it using PDN. Now, one more tut request: The swirls of paint in your sig
  8. Cannot wait until this plugin is updated for 3.20!
  9. I think you have found the perfect software for your needs, it features all of the tools you need. One of the great things about paint.net is it is simple, but powerful.
  10. new Avatar and Sig. Trying to go for the laser engraved on wood look. Any suggestions?? EDIT: After posting them I realize that the K in the signature is messed up. In my original it wasnt. Uploading problems??
  11. dont show who votes for who, just make it to where you can see who is in the lead :wink:
  12. @ Crazy Man Dan's entry: :shock: :shock: :shock: You put a lot of time into explaining how the web browser operates. Looks great, good luck!
  13. reminds me sort of the Mac OS X Leopard install DVD...
  14. @ TheVoid, your Home, Stop, Refresh, ect buttons and your Close, Resize, and Minimize buttons are to dark to actually see what they do. My only suggestion is to make the readable. Other than that, it looks great!
  15. Well, I wanted to make a seemless christmas light pattern, and it didnt turn out exactly like I wanted it, but it still is seemless
  16. First, I love the speed, performance, and extensions for firefox. One problem, and yes I know it is fixable by extension, but i love the built in mouse gestures in opera. I hate using someone else's pc because I am constantly holding down right click and moving my mouse without result. Second, I love my 60gb Creative Vision: M. Easy to navigate, great video quality, the built in Removable Disk feature is great! (I have mine partitioned for 16gb with every PDN effect and PDN creation possible on it ) Third, if it wasnt for bootcamp, I wouldnt even consider a Mac. But i have always wanted to try a Mac, and that is why I love dailyApps, but comically that page wont load up properly in Opera and you will have to use FF or IE. Edit: I also love the built in IRC client, the E-Mail client, the speed dial, the ability to add multiple search boxes by simply right clicking (That right, SearchPaint.Net is my default search engine!). There are some good widgets for Opera, the built in torrent client works alright (but definetly nowhere near as good as BitTorrent 6.0) Anyways, the list goes on and on.
  17. neosurrealism is a revive of the 1920's surrealism. Go here for more information.
  18. Agh!! I like the the idea of Minimalism, in fact I like it a lot. But the challenge of neosurrealism seams to be, well, challenging. The only thing is I dont see either as a good sig, but that might add more challenge. Hmm... alright. My final choice, as in no more changes at all is minimalism.
  19. Ok, so I have a way of getting Service Pack 3 for windows xp, but before I do so, I want to be sure that I will be able to install Paint.Net future upgrades without a problem. One of the upgrades for SP3 is installations, so I just want to be sure. Thanks, Mike.
  20. agreed. A web browser is about the page, not the design. Implementing too much emphasis on your design takes the attention away from the design.
  21. I like flight, forget neosurrealism... that might be my choice!
  22. Most of mine simply came from webding and wingdings, built in fonts, but a few didnt look right when I resized them or kept them in "sharp" mode, so I had to alter pretty much everyone of them. @ stephan, I hate windows. If it wasnt for PDN, I would be using Mac. So, for that reason yours seemed most innovative.
  23. yours is much more creative, Stephan. Just like the Operating System comptetition, you manage to defy what it is that makes a web browser what it is. Reminds me a bit of an article about how new user interfaces will keep computers alive thought
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