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  1. well if you ever find yourself in need of a tester let me know, I will be more than glad to find those nasty bugs for you 8)
  2. It doesnt bother me at all. and if your "Turning the tables" books is anything compared to my Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens, than my sympathy goes out to you Pyro, because Sean Covey should burn in HE... whoa whoa whoa. Sorry. I let the worse of myself take control, and I dont want to post in the rants thread.
  3. I am laughing now because it takes 4gb of ram to match my 2gb. Once again Pyro points out my mistakes...
  4. It is not the original. It is Luna in that screenshot. Royale is just a really glassy cleaned up version. and the Royale Noir theme under the Royale package is really nice looking. It is signed by Microsoft, but not included and has to be downloaded via a little google Pyro: I spent 5 minutes uploading a screen of my desktop only for you to beat me to the punch Edit: You dont have to have Media Centre edition. And here is my screen anyway:
  5. The Royale theme in XP imo is better looking than Vista
  6. lol that is why we use bricopacks Waiting till SP1 is not a bad idea at all, and that is when I plan on upgrading to be honest. But personally you have no idea how much I love WinFLP. It keeps me very happy.
  7. I feed my PC old floppies. Keeps her happy, which in turn keeps me happy.
  8. David (first off it is nice to have a highly respected member of mine become a mod :wink: ) upgrading to Vista is going to be a mistake. Anywho, I just got done with my meditation, thus I feal very relaxed and happy right now. (I am a Taoist living in the Christian belt of the USA, it is quite daunting )
  9. I agree. Vista = bloody potato. Anywho, a very related question. In an interview with Rick, they do a quick demo of pdn V2.?? and it shows a pen tool, in which the pixel width increased or decreased based on spead and curvature. Was this brush option tossed in some release, and if so why? Then again, that demo could easily have been done on a tablet, but nothing was said about a tablet. I am just wondering...
  10. @ Hitman: Bush did the same thing as Roosevolt did. He used 9/11 (Pearl Harbor) as a work around and means to attack Iraq (Germany). In the end, good came out of it. Also, I dont think it fair to consider it 'two wars' but merely one war, multiple causes. Like I said, terrorism is too open of a word. We arent fighting against a group of people, but merely an idea. Bush is smarter than what we all think, if you think about it.
  11. Garage Band is too buggy. (Then again, why even make Garage Band? Once again, waste of resources) Actually, my favorite web browser lately for my Web 2.0 sites is Mozilla's Prism. Edit: ncfan51 that is partially my point. And everything about iLife 08 is buggy. It just doesnt feel new I guess is what I am partly trying to say here. And I think worldnewser or Yata voted for Safari beta 3,
  12. I think Apple after the success of the iPod is stretching themselves too much to make themselves look cool. Face it, Vista is better than Leopard on the Mac. iLife 08 is like they walked backwards with the program, not forwards. Safari on windows is a wast of resources that could actually have been used on iLife 08. Apple needs to stop worrying about the look of their products and start worrying about enhancing them. Their greatest revelation so far has been the iPhone, and even that is over rated. (ZOMG!! HNT HM DWN!!!111!!!!) Seriously. Apple better get themselves together. Pyro: I feel bad for your pc. Running Safari on it is like locking your pc in a basement for months without feeding it. In the end, it never works right again.
  13. ncfan: :oops: Thanks. Just tried the test again and Opera did pass. Many many blogs went flaming Opera on this. Plus my source tends to make mistakes Pyrochild: Do not mention Safari Beta 3. Simply saying those three words together makes me die a little inside. Like it did to my pc. My pc died a little inside Then again, if the pile of rubble we call Safari Beta 3 passed the test and IE7 did not, that- by extension -makes IE7 worse than Safari Beta 3. Which is funny, imo
  14. Pyro, if you didnt point out every single one of my typos I would be the biggest moron on the board. I meant Ace Jon, but was thinking about taking FF3 for a spin when you said it passed, thus blaming you for making my browser of choice look better than it really is. Thank you Pyro.
  15. Ace Jon, you are wrong about Opera. It did not pass. This is what Opera's output looks like when taking the new Acid2 test: That is nowhere near passing. Opera was the first to pass the orginal Acid2 test, but it fails with this one. I will post an image of FF3 when I have the time.
  16. If you use the Fill tool or Paintbrush tool, you will notice in the upper toolbar there is a dropdown box entitled "Fill". I believe you will be able to find the pattern underneath, in which the outline and the fill of the pattern is determined by your Primary and Secondary color. Just a suggestion.
  17. Well, I was about to post a response in the Presidential Campaign debate, but I guess I can spill my personal opinions here. First, yes we should have invaded Iraq. And hardly anybody disagreed at the time. Why? 9/11. People tend to forget that this is not the war on Iraq, but the war on terrorism. We are not fighting a group of people, but a general idea. By leaving the war we leave our orignal goals unfinished, and opens a vunerablitiy to us as a society, which in terms could lead to more terrorism. You may say the war is based on lies (which I will disagree on later), and that the war is more than finished. But who organized the 9/11 attacks? Osama bin Laden. Has he been captured and put on trial? No. Some may say he is dead, but that is a theory that cannot be proven until proof can be given. Also, some say this war is on lies, as I previously stated, which is a lie in itself. When someone says they believe Iraq has weapons of mass destruction, and it turns out they got rid of them in 2003 (two years after 9/11 if you do the math) then it is not technically a lie. Proving a theory is wrong isnt enough to call the theorist a liar, as he never said it was true. David.Atwell pointed out in the Presidential Campaign debate that no one seems to notice we liberated a nation from a cruel nation also. Pointless? I think not. Sure, we may have miscalculated who supports Al Qaeda, but look at the good that came from it. Stop being pessimistic about the lossess and think about the gains!Also, tell me 9/11 is a lie. Go ahead try. This is a war on terrorism, as in stating that we are fighting terrorism. 9/11 was an act of terrorism, organized by Al Qaeda (sp, I know). Al Qaeda has not been defeated, and we have not even found their leader. The war is not over, it is not based on lies, and thus bringing the boys home will just be another Vietnamn repeat. Nothing will be settled, only more conflict. Mike Ryan
  18. I agree, more precision can be obtained. but if you notice in the upper right there are coordinates that allow you to know where your mouse and/ or control points are. This allows for the most precision and accuracy in the Curves+ plugin, along with the regular Curves.
  19. and how? "Scans through post" Wow, stupid mistake. Will edit.
  20. Just as long as some peace-loving "get out of the war" candidate isnt sitting in office I am happy. Why? Because giving up to the Al Queda is going to represent the one weakness with a freethinking economy: we dont like death. Ever thought about the effects of Vietnam and and how Al Queda is pursuing this war? Guerilla tactics. If we leave this war unfinished we may as well start posting some of these everywhere: But seriously, this is just turning into a repeat of Vietnamn!! We as Americans cannot leave the war unfinished. It is the biggest mistake we can make. Sure, be antiwar, but at least finish the war and problems at hand so that more problems and wars dont spawn off of it! (Sorry for the garggled english. Advanced English started today and I hate the language now )
  21. They changed the ACID2 test, IE8 passed, but FF3 and Opera did not. I want to clear that up now. You can take the new ACID2 test with a little Google. Personally, if they do incorporate the Ribbon interface into IE8, and fix a lot of performance issues that exist in IE7 I might switch. But now that I use FF3 and Opera, I still stand by my choice: Opera ftw.
  22. :oops: Sorry for the misconception. When I refered to CcMmYK, I wasnt refering to the printing process, merely the color control. If Curves+ could change dark cyan and light cyan, along with dark magenta and light magenta instead of just CMYK, it would allow more precision over the color of the image you are working on. For instance, bringing out the darker magenta and cyan in an image, instead of the color itself, could allow for more possibilities with image editing. (plus we would have something that as far as I know photoshop doesnt )
  23. Hello, I usually dont ask for much when it comes to plugins, but lately I have been reading a lot about color variation, and I am simply asking for CcMmYK support in Curves+. It is not a "must have" but simply a want.
  24. Great plugin! (sorry it took me awhile to thankyou for the 3.20 support
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