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  1. Paper Sizes If you scroll down a little, you will find a chart with the information you need. Simply resize to your selected size and be sure the DPI is set accordingly. EDIT: Please use SEARCH next time. It can be located at SearchPaint.NET
  2. I say YES to the new Pictorium. Only one suggestion, and that is if you could move the current pictorium to something like the Galleria and lock it, that way all of those images are not lost.
  3. I posted about this in the Pictorium a few days ago. Mine was a little bit more drawn out, but better something than nothing. I completely agree with seperating it. Second, deviantArt is great, but this community is better imo. To be able to post pdn only pictures to pdn only users and get pdn only feedback is the best imo.
  4. You are right, you did. For some reason I always manage to get the two of you confused But as your sig says...
  5. no, it works fine here. is should be http://alpha.search.wikia.com
  6. There is no way to do this. Although using the new selection method "By Size" it is very easy to accomplish this simply using coordinates and copy and paste. As for saving each layer seperate, once again you have to use a work around. As Rick Brewster said himself, if you want a truly proffesional graphics editor, I must point you to Photoshop. Edit2: David.Atwell beat me to the punch :?
  7. My Creative Vision: M is by far better than the iPod (imo). Better support, easy navigation, great audio and video playback. And, I got mine refurbished from Creative at a whopping $130. It came without a scratch and works great.
  8. Welcome Carrie! It is nice to have you here! While this may be the overflow, we have a topic for introductions. It is called The Introducing... Thread. Thanks a lot! And welcome, again! Mike
  9. Opera users, if you right click you can go to Edit Site Preferences, and under Network, you can identify as FF or IE, or even mask as FF or IE. I havent tested this on the PDN chat, but one day I might decide to Edit: Nevermind, it did not work
  10. Someone, it more looks like ice text, so I think maybe a little Splinter blur will give it a powdery snow like effect
  11. CMD, i expressed your opinion within my article. Firefox is extensible, and Opera is not. If you use the plugins with firefox, you easily get the most powerful web browser out there. But your Average Joe hardly knows there is a firefox, and once he downloads it I highly doubt he will start adding plugins, and adjusting preferences and skins. Whereas with Opera, Average Joe and can set up his email and save his passwords effectively at startup, and is already experiencing more power than what he would of had he simply installed Firefox. You are using Firefox effectively, and can get all of the features Opera comes with, plus way more. Average Joe doesnt know that, or doesnt care to know that. Thus, when two browsers are stripped down, as I stated, Opera is geared towards Proffesional use, whereas Firefox is flexible, and easy for the Average Joe. So basically it is a paradox, I agree with you and as well disagree. It is a matter of opinion on how to look at Firefox. Either way, you cannot make a fair judgement of the two browsers because they are geared towards two audiences. I will always have an install of both browsers, and I use one way more than the other, which I wont state as I am trying to make an unbiased arguement
  12. I read a really good article that broke down the Browser battle quite decently. I can only summarize, and not link to it as I do not remember the exact location of the site I had visited. It categorized Firefox as a simple, easy to learn browser that directed its developement towards the average user with its high end security and IE look alike interface (IE6, and that is without a skin). Second was Opera, which was categorized as a proffesional web browser, with its intuitive built in features, such as a mail client, rss client, and chat client. So basically, if you simply want to surfe the nets, and get the most out of it, use Firefox. But if you want a suite of applications developed by a group of paid developers that caders to the average business man and web site dev, then Opera is for you. I think this an all around fair judgement, and I realize that Firefox can equal Opera via plugins. But face it, an average user doesnt want to install extra components that might not work with a future release, and is not (usuall) directly supported by the developers themselves, while Opera includes many great features that are almost always updated with next version without second installation. As for Internet Explorer, I really have no problem with it. I dont use it as a standalone browser, and I dont think IE would be in existence if it wasnt for the fact that Microsoft has to have a browser that can be upgraded to integrate their new technologies (i.e. Windows Update, Silverlight, ect...) I do not use the browser on a regular basis, as it lacks many features that I cannot live without that are prepackaged with Opera. As for Safari for Windows, I think the same basic principle applies with it as it does with Internet Explorer. Apple needs a platform that it can test new technologies with, and I think is a signal that their .MAC may one day see a Windows version, as I believe that, as previously stated, Apple is trying to stretch themselves. If Apple can get all of their software on Windows, Safari being the test pilot, than it will be doing something Microsoft isnt doing. Do I have Safari? No. But, as hypocrytical as it will sound, I think we need to show some respect to the browser as it is simply in a beta stage. I think there is a possibilitie that it will be updated and fixed for Windows, and we may have a much more stable browser out there that can compete with Mozilla and Opera. Last, but not least (bear with me), as long as Firefox and Opera are the only browsers to support almost all platforms, they will always be the best looked upon browsers. Opera, in this case, supporting the most platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile Phones ect...) will be one of the more used browsers in years to come, until we do see a portable version of Firefox. All in all, the browser war is not something that should be discussed, as each browser is very individual and unique, and serves its own purpose. Comparing browsers now adays is as difficult as comparing videogame platforms. With such unique possibilities, it will never be a fair comparisson. Mike Ryan
  13. Yes, but instead of continuing in our mistakes, we should continue rebuilding what we destroyed and continue the war on Terrorism.
  14. Sabrown, you have already been infected. Your machine has been overun by Safari, and my best advice is GET RID OF IT!! Seriously, get rid of it dude.
  15. This is my last post for today, as I have to go off to school. This is just a small concept. and yes I know I misspelled the word Pictorium :oops:
  16. Good choice Rubrica, very fun game.
  17. At Oma: I also partially described splitting it by Genres. Have a Pictorium for Abstract, and for Realism, and for Works in Progress. Each would also have an individual discussion thread, so that each Pictorium is pure work, not talk. I also like your idea, where mods would select the best from the week, the only problem is that is asking for a lot of work on a mods job
  18. at least a few rule revisions to help clean up the clutter would be nice.
  19. My post count may say otherwise, but I have been a member of this forum for quite a while. I just don’t like to respond much until lately. Anyways, I want the forum moderators and/ or Rick to consider reorganizing the Pictorium. It has become cluttered with Clouds and Polar Inversions, along with useless introductions. I think that the Pictorium should be reorganized to where it is a topic underneath Paint.net General Discussion. Within this topic is a place for Introduction Artwork, Introduction Discussion, Intermediate Artwork, Intermediate Discussion, Advanced Artwork, and Advanced Discussion. Other thoughts and perhaps easier possibilities would be dividing the pictorium into genres of artwork, ranging from realism to abstract, and then focusing the chatter into a separate related topic. I have always thought of the Pictorium as a showcase, like a museum or gallery, and the pollution within it has made it similar to the Off Topic. It should not be a hotbed for plug-in and tutorial requests, nor introductions. The Introducing... Thread is for introductions, and separate topics should be created for plug-in and tutorial requests. Simply, let us cleanup our act in the Pictorium. Let us have a Green Pictorium. Thank you for your time to read my post, I hope you take it into consideration.
  20. I must have not understood what you are asking for. You are asking for complete transparency in a layer, right?
  21. If it is truly 100% transparent, it should not be happening. Unless you are working with multiple errors, and you are flattening them, you will have problems with the transparency.I would try this tool, instead of adjusting transparency in the Layer Properties. You shouldnt run into this problem again. http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=3285
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