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  1. 360, custom match so that we arent playing with non-PDNers We should have a weekly competition for bragging rights, though. It would be fun.
  2. @ R3VENGE: That was sort of hypocritical :? You said that both machines are equally as good, yet by your post it is obvious you are a PS3 fanboy Anyways, before this fanboy war gets heated, it is time for a change of subject :wink: Here is an interesting post I read a few days ago. I wonder if any gamers on here agree or disagree?? Also, it seems like we have a lot of CoD4 players here, we should start a tournament or something productive like that @ Andrew D: dont forget about the 360 exclusives :wink:
  3. Plus, if I was a Plugin developer, I would rather have users visit my thread so that they could make a connection as to who developed it. For instance, what if Pyro's amazing Curves+ plugin made it to your collection? They wouldnt care to know who developed it, and then that joy of developing a useful plugin is lost because you get no feedback. Anyways, that is just my two cents :wink:
  4. I still stand on my original arguement. And worldnewser, glad you like Firefox
  5. It looks good, the font/ text just seems out of place. I dont know what it is. But it does look like you put some effort into it
  6. @ thirdstreettito: Why do you think we want this? The pictorium is too cluttered. But I do like the quote. But with the amount of work you put into the border and background you have put too much emphasis on the text @ k.diggenaro: You just got burnned @ Jake2K: I love hitman. That is a really great peice you have. I just started using Cinema4d, and am scavenging the google for some tuts.
  7. Hey, it is better than nothing, right? And David is right, it was sort of early when I posted it
  8. @ Oma: You are what makes this communtiy great. Good advice and I agree with you @ cjmcguinness: That is really well done. Perhaps I can ask for a tutorial on the basics of glass, sort of like what Oma did with facial contours? @ -Expiration-: I love the smiley face, really well done!
  9. thank you very much! here is a for helping me out
  10. Hi, I have searched for this and have come across no results. I once read somewhere that Rick had a very large version of the logo, and is there anywhere that I can download a large version for private use?
  11. sorry, I searched! Lol, anyways, thank you for the quick reply
  12. Six Axis was an idea stolen from a very good video game manufacturer whose product has benefited greatly from their original idea *Cough* Nintendo *Cough* There is only one feature on the PS3 that I like that the 360 doesnt, and that is the ability to install other Operating Systems, preferably linux. Edit: Unless you have an older version of the firmware and an original copy of King Kong, that it
  13. This is a small glitch, and I have noticed it works with every color. Anyways, I have no idea on how to explain this glitch, other than to try and have you recreate it. Sorry. 1st: Pick any color, and under the "More" button set the V value (HSV) to anything less than 100 (For example set it to 50) 2nd: Click on the "Add Color to Pallette" icon and set it to any Pallette location you like 3rd: With your new color set, click on any other color in your Pallette 4th: Now click on your newly created color and you will notice that the V value is one less than what you set it as That is pretty much it. Once again, as I said, it is small and it doesnt matter so much to me (I am color defficient) but I figured I would let you know :wink:
  14. Okay, I backed up my plugins, unistalled PDN, uninstalled the .NET framework, backtracked to SP2, reinstalled .NET, reinstalled PDN, and still no luck. It didnt crash, but the loading is still terrible! I went back up to SP3, and at first it was going smooth, but now it is back to a terrible loading time. Any other suggestions?
  15. wait a minute, you can infinitely hold a grenade in the PS3 version? That is stupid. And headquarters on Shipment is probably the funnest FPS experience you possibly can get.
  16. I am a HUGE gamer. I love COD4, Halo, Mass Effect, Indie Games, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3, and probably one of my favorite games of all time is FABLE and I cannot wait for FABLE 2 Unfortunetly for me though, my Xbox 360 is dead so my dust collecting Wii is losing some gained wait while it was sitting on my shelf My gamertag is x101st Garnierx (Band of Brothers ftw!) Also, for any PS3 fanboys, the PS3 sucks. The only good games the PS3 has are already on the 360 except for a very few good games, one of which will be on the 360 soon.
  17. *Shudders* Sounds like a fun day for me. Uninstall SP3, reinstall .NET framework. Oh well, it is 30 degrees here and is pooring rain so it is not like I have anything else to do
  18. Thanks Andrew D, but this has been happening long before my venture into SP3. I will try a few other things before I start playing with the OS itself. I will get my results back to you later. Once again, thanks!
  19. Over time Paint.NET has not loaded properly in such a way that you can see all of the buttons, but none are clickable. Once clicking on them, my screen has turned completely white, and then it has loaded. It has been doing this since the 2.72 era for me, and only on my computer. Now I have changed OS a few times on this machine, but with no luck I just figured it was a hardware issue. Until today. This is a screenshot unmodified. This is exactly how it looked after I simply clicked on the new image button: And here is my crash log: If you need any more information, I will be happy to provide. Thanks, Mike Ryan
  20. I agree. This should be included in the PictiBoard or whatever they were going to call it. It will really ease the load on the General Discussion portion of this forum and will make it purely PDN questions, suggestions, and requests.
  21. Sabrown, how do you expect somebody to answer that? Why do you like Firefox? It isnt simply so much what I like about Opera as it is Opera itself.
  22. Also, remember you can create a new image using CM. Just remember that if the MM size was 189mm, then in CM it would be 18.9cm. :wink:
  23. lol, probably. But under the condition that he is not, I pray he votes for Opera :wink:
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