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  1. I think the problem with the RIAA is that A. DRM is publicaly hated. We all hate it! B. The RIAA should have focused more on sites and programs and site who offered illegal content C. How much effect has the RIAA actually had on illegal downloads? None. I think they should pull the plug on the RIAA, and not just because we hate them. @Pyro: There is another link in that article. The rarity of G4 actually researching something and going on the field is so high, that it never happens. All of their news has a source, and as it says, it is just a rumour.
  2. They are funded by the EMI Here is where I read it.
  3. Chai topped with some freshly made whipped cream sounds ten times better than coffee!
  4. 'Tis would be nice. Viewing Ash's artwork in the Galleria over a nice hot cup of complimentary coffee. I think Pyro is on to something here!
  5. Dang, Pyro. When I saw your name next to he Plugin Publishing I was hopefully expecting to see a release of Pineapple
  6. the RIAA is getting shut down. It was on the news the other day, if I recall correctly. Apparently they were not doing a good job at keeping piracy down. But they did manage to destroy a demon if you catch my drift :wink:
  7. I beg to differ. Without the wheel, we would not all still be cavemen. I believe that operating systems and hardware as a whole would go in a much different direction without Windows. Edit: fixed a few typos
  8. most linux distros come with a live cd that allows you to try out the OS without actually installing it. I would recommend trying out Ubuntu on a live cd and then make your decision
  9. But there is more creativity in the small amount of programs available for it. Plus, time machine does a good job if you can configure it correctly.
  10. That is true. I must agree, hacking OSX is no fun at all.
  11. @ David: That is because upgrading to XP was safe, secure, and you wouldnt have any hardware issues. With Vista, however, it is the complete opposite. I know plenty of people who use 98 and are happy with it, and support has long been dropped for it. You simply cant judge the XP -> Vista transition with 2000 -> XP transition.
  12. I chose Mac OSX because I boot into it more :twisted: Lol, just kidding. You need to give it more credit though. More user friendly :wink: Edit: Now that I think of it though, I dont think I have ever tested the waters with FreeBSD, I might set up a virtual PC for it later
  13. @ Wither: Your work is stunning :shock: Did you use terragen for any of it? Or is it 100% PDN?
  14. The "problem now" is this: If you create an installer filled only with links, than havent you simply replicated the Plugin section, except in the form of a program?
  15. well, I have linux and OSX on my machine so I would have to say both 8) (And no, I am not using a Mac)
  16. Hi! Welcome to the forums and to Paint.NET. As for your question, there are plenty of tools available. Could you please post an example of what you are wanting to change? Other than that, I would recommend layers, gaussian blur, clone stamp, and the paintbrush.
  17. I would host and all but my 360 died about two weeks ago and I wont get it back for another week in a half R3VENGE: that was a software update to allow the new PS3 controllers to be compatible with the PS3. My bet is that if you were to enable it, you would find it wouldnt work :wink:
  18. Six Axis doesnt work perfectly because it doesnt sense where it is in comparisson to where the playstation 3 or tv is. It can sense motion, but it doesnt have the same ability as the Wiimote. JS92, I cant remember where but I read an article about the new Six Axis Rumble controllers comming out soon. It has mapped rumble features, for instance if when playing CoD4 and you get shot in the left shoulder, only the upper left portion of the controller would rumble. So we cant attack PS3 fanboys with the no rumble arguement anymore becuase they are getting a better version of it
  19. WinFLP FTW! lol, seriously though WinFLP will not be losing support, regardless if it is XP. They wont lose support of it until a vista version is out!
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