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  1. I make a selection with any of the selection tools I press M to move it I move the selection I press ESC or ENTER to deselect The four-pointed Move cursor is still active and the entire document is selected. I notice while the entire document is selected, I don’t see the “marching ants” indicating it is selected. This also appears to happen if I rotate the selection with the mouse. I also think the Finish button has stopped working in this situation. I’m playing with it some more and I notice documents are opening with Move cursor showing
  2. I have noticed something I believe might have started with version 4.2.9 where after I move a selection, when I deselect the area the entire image is selected, which often means I accidentally move entire image when I move the mouse, usually because I making another selection. Was it always like this or is it a bug?
  3. That's nice, and I thank you for your reply, but I rather the command matched the PDN I've been using for possibly the past 10 years. And I don't use Chrome either.
  4. The new icons look very nice. Okay, I've only been using 4.1.6 for a couple minutes, but I can tell you right off the bat that changing the keyboard command for "Actual size" from Ctrl+Shift+A to Ctrl+0 is going to drive me insane. For weeks I'm going to be fighting years and years of muscle memory. The fact that I noticed and was confused by the change almost immediately should indicate how often I use this command. Also, before the change I was able to easily select it with one hand (my left), using the pinkie and the two fingers next to it, without even taking my right hand off
  5. I would love to be using pencil, paint brush, or paint bucket tools and be able to press the Ctrl or Shift key and have them activate the color picker. The way I work, when I'm using the mouse my left hand rests near the lower left edge of the keyboard. I'm constantly reaching over with my left hand to to press the K key.
  6. I want to crop black and white images down to the smallest rectangular size that contains the black part. The way I do it now is I select the white background, invert the selections than use Crop to Selection. Doing it this way changes the canvas size the way I want, but also removes the white from inside the image, which I than have to fill back in. I just wonder if there is a simpler way to do this, either natively or with a plugin. I have been creating a bunch of mathematical formulae that are pictures and I want to make them as small as possible for the flashcard program I am using
  7. I like it so far but I am fighting muscle memory now that the image thumbnails have been moved to the left to make room for the little icons on the far right. I also miss the two arrors in the History window to completely undo all the steps or redo them. I occasionally open an image an decide I don't like any of the changes I have made and want to undo them all. The dynamic way I can change the tolerance of the Magic Wand is a dream come true and something I have always wanted.
  8. This isn’t a problem with Paint.NET per se, but there is a slight problem with how it works with my file manager xplorer². When Paint.NET is set as the default program to open PNG files, xplorer² doesn’t show thumbnails in the file list and instead shows the generic Paint.NET icon. Paint.NET is the default for GIF files and they show thumbnails, so the problem seems to be with PNGs. I temporarily changed the default handler for PNGs to Microsoft Paint and xplorer² was able to show thumbnails. Also, xplorer² has a little file viewer which is able to extract and show a preview of the image.
  9. "Improved: You can now use Ctrl+0 as a shortcut key for View -> Actual Size, in addition to Ctrl+Shift+A" With the latest v3.5.9 update Ctrl+Shift+A stopped working on my computer. I am still using Windows XP, thankful for any new features before v4.0 forced retirement, and wonder if anything can be done about it. I use Ctrl+Shift+A a lot and miss being able to quickly activate Actual Size with only the last three outside fingers of my left hand rather than the new Ctrl+0, which is too wide to be done with one hand.
  10. Yes that was it. For some reason posting a question here goosed my memory and the name Ed Harvey came out. I found the answer myself about five minutes after you posted and before I came back to delete this question. Thank You Though
  11. After one of the past upgrades I've seem to have lost a feature or plugin I occasionally used. I could take an image and it would show a gallery of the image with various color transformation done to it to choose from. If I had an image I was going to use as an icon that was mostly blue it would show change it to green, other colors, as well as combinations of other colors. Some would be garish, but others would be useful. Thank You
  12. I would love to see the Magic Wand tool control turned into a slider that dynamically changed the area selected, so I could see when the amount I want selected is just right. Now it is a hit and miss laborious process of going back and forth between the control and re-clicking in the image.
  13. Is there a way for me to copy a picture in another program, then start PDN with the contents of the clipboard already Paste(d) in to New Image? The simple Paste command would be OK too. I think this would be kind of handy and it feels like something that could be done with a Windows shortcut with the right parameters. I don't want to use a macro program. I guess I need to stress PDN is not running before I copy the image from another source. It would be nicely convenient to have PDN start with the clipboard contents already pasted.
  14. I would find it very useful and be eternally grateful if someone would create a simple plugin that takes all the transparent areas in an image and fills them with white. So far the simplest way to do this that I've found is to: create new layer, fill it with white, move layer underneath, then merge layers down. I tend to work in one layer and keep creating transparent areas by using the eraser instead of painting white, and moving selections in images. I would really like this to be a one step procedure.
  15. Is there a way to make PDN paste the clipboard where I want it to in the image? If I copy an an image from an outside source and paste it into an image, paste gets put at the top of the image even if I am scrolled to the bottom and this is where I wanted it pasted. If I copy and paste in the same image, it seems to insist on pasting directly over the selected copy source, even if I have scrolled to another part of the image. I wish there was a way to tell PDN where to paste in an image, or at least to default to dead center of the visible part of the image. Thank You
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