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  1. this is my new sig (tell me if you like) just some simple tile reflection and diamond paint fill and same with text!!
  2. i was wondering if someone could make a tut on how to make something that looks like stainlesss steel.
  3. how do you do the drop shadow thing?
  4. i was wondering how you could clean up the edges of a picture once you cut it out?such as this one
  5. so i was just wondering.....i mean only if tour comfortable to say put how much skillz you have for your age.im 12 and these are just a few of my works of art.tell me and anyone else who posts here if they have skill for how old they are! (simpsomis i made a new cardinals,richie one.thats mine)
  6. use right click and drag which ever way u want.it should rotate.i think thats what he means at least!
  7. hello,my name is Richie and i was wondering if I could make a picture such as this one but have my name been there instead of cardinals.if you caouls tell me how or give examples that would be great![/img]
  8. i was wondering if someone couls make a glossy plugin?if there is already one please tell.thank you
  9. could someone make a magic wand plugin that makes it so it outlines the object as a whole and not in little parts?i would really appreciate it if someone could try and thank you.
  10. i have read all the tuts about this but i still cant seem to get this...ok so i have use the magic wand to outline thing but when it comes to people or cars or somthing very detailed i just cant get it to outline the ogject as a whole.it outlines little parts of it.
  11. its ok your sig is good at least its better then mine
  12. i was wondering if u could make anything like this in pdn..
  13. i was wondering how you make 3-d obejct in pdn.if u can......please show me tutorial or anything to help..ty
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