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  1. This was really quick.. ok thx lots but do u think u could make the background plain white and make there be no reflection of the phone and cord....p.s.how did u make that cord??
  2. ok my sister for her job is going through this rotation thing and one of them was financial advisor service and se wanted me to do this thing but i need some help this is rough but i think it might help the telephone is for that she answered phones and stuff and the ruler id for some kind of measuerment thing and for the other space there has to be room for her to type so if u caould mkie somtin real quick that would be sweet
  3. plz i really need help with this...this is only a test run and i need it to be cleaned up so if someone could help that would be awesome...it doesnt have to be spectacular but it is for my sister so plz help
  4. now this isnt all that great but it got me an A at school and everyone loved it thx to PDN well we had to make a counter ad against tobacco so here is the original and here is the one i edited for the counter ad plz make comments or fix it yourself
  5. can someone plz make this picture better...idk what u can do to it but try something
  6. try useing some grays and shapes and the use radial blur.....ill work on something actually ill work on it right now edit:
  7. @twistedwhiskers-wow awesome its amazing love it :shock: :o 8) :wink: :arrow: yea
  8. not talkin about that i mean like the one that psted it takes up lots of space because of the way i saved it:) lolz
  9. my entry for skinning comp. although im not really competing. shuideni i love the pic and keep them coming.of cours the cardinals are my favorite team 2 but there gona need to do a liitle better if they want to make it to the playoffs.im not to sure its gonna happen this year though.anyways nice job!!
  10. im not competing because i didnt want to make all the buttons and stuff but this is what i came up with.
  11. this is my submition for sig of the week (tell me if you like and if so vote for me!! )
  12. i know it's a lot like the others but i really didnt know what else to do!! http://ocw.mit.edu/OcwWeb/Electrical-Engineering-and-Computer-Science/6-883Fall-2005/CourseHome/ The quote is "The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once"-Albert Enstein
  13. here is my new sig!!(please tell me suggetions or just fix it up for me and tell if u like)
  14. hhmmmmm it looks interesting and im not to sure what to call it but i think it looks kool.(please comment)
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