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  1. i would guess he use gradient lines and so motion blur and probably more but i think he can explain the rest...btw nice sig void i always love ur stuff, nice job!!
  2. hello, i was wondering something.how do u make things like less pixaly buecause whenever i cut something out or like use ecliple and glow it looks pixely around the edges and ive tried anti alisign and im either not sure how it works or something and also ive tried like glow and things around the boreder so thats my question
  3. this si a little different then what i would usually do and it needs some work but...here it is
  4. well there is a tutorial on makeing a laser...umm the one where it has the evil kitty attacking the people with his laserbeam eyes...i couldnt find it when i searched so....yea but just look through the tuorials and u should find somtin
  5. ummm..i really like it but it is not symmetrical..idk if thats what you were going for but I think it would look a lot better if u made it all the same but i love the first one
  6. i thought these were kinda kool well i call this one simply,Dark and this one light
  7. well here is my myspace page costumized by PDN http://www.myspace.com/agent387
  8. well i dont really like it much so im not gonna work on it much more....but i was goin through ur deviant art and i just loe ur work and style...i was wondering how u reach that kinda look because i really like it...i can also kinda see ur style in vlad vampire's sig so yea...just wonjdering how u get that look
  9. or if i am correct about what u are asking u can always use u can costume the size of the shapes using these tools and u can fill them with patterns and colors
  10. Nice.. Iv never had someone who admires my signature making style :o lies; I just complimented you a few pages back. :shock: Quite highly I might add. Saying your efforts are worth a commercial buck isnt light fare or insincere. im not to sure what ur saying???
  11. not to sure what ur wondering about that thread thing but u can post things in the pictorium and simply make a new topic in this thread if u have a question
  12. here is my new desktop on my computer its kinda like not the best quality but i needed something new
  13. wow that is very good...well keep up the good work with ur website...also u caouls make some cool button or links for ur website using PDN
  14. cj i was just looking at ur deviantART gallery and all in is probably the best thing ive ever seen done with PDN..well first off was it done with PDN
  15. here's another sig...wow i really like this style(if u cant notice)thx to the void(ur awesome man)
  16. no but it is simple just make a new layer and deselect the other layer and then put 50 on there now use the magic wand tool to select the numbers then make the other layer visible and finally just use right click to rotate
  17. hers a planet i just made in like 5 secs...and im gonna call it ummmmm.well im gonna call it....i no i'll call it i dont no what to call it planet
  18. here's another one void: not all that good but i kinda like it
  19. hey void u think it's ok though.....im gonna make a better one more accurate to ur style.ur sigs are awesome man:)...keep up the good work!
  20. here's my new sig..i no it's not as good as the void's but it is kindda based of his
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