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  1. yea i no but my comp was like totally freakin out earlier and so i just said the heck with it and ill change it later
  2. i thought this was a pretty cool circly thingy that i just made and i like quite a lot.
  3. new sig: a little to busy for me and not my favorite...i also think it could use a but more light. just tell me what u think
  4. omg!!!it look so effin amazing...I cant wait!!!!!!!
  5. fake vector??? its always nice to show an example
  6. ok thx!!....is there a set date of when the update will be released??
  7. i was wondering if u could make a plugin for an updated twist effect.Right now the twist is only in a certain part of the object...the middle...i was wondering if it could twist the whole photo not just on part.
  8. lemme quess just some tile reflection zoom blur and oil painting
  9. wow void^^^ very nice u should make this ur new make sig!like it lots
  10. oma..where have u gone.The pictorium si lacking amazingness without u.well either ur workin on sometin but which i cant wait to see if u are or ur just away.
  11. wow looks amazing but...the palm part looks a little round an fat..not saying ur hand cant be fat but its a liitle odd.almost like a ball hand
  12. very nice..i don't no if its just the style or what but the rainbow part on ur sig under the j looks a bit pixaly.
  13. now i understand i recently changed my sig but heres another one:
  14. sorry man i dont mean to but u no i love PDN and sometimes i like my sigs and sometimes i dont and thats why i like to post them here to have criticism but u no i sometimes just get an idea in my head and it turns out good so i want to make it my new sig. but i do understand what ur saying and i ll try to break my habit
  15. source: http://weberbooks.com/selling/uploaded_images/books2-747305.jpg source: http://tbn0.google.com/images?q=tbn:JoAdLmfD75Cy_M:http://www.raindropimage.com/pics/raindrop3d.jpg and the final result:
  16. dang!!!thats awesome how exactly did u make those circle things
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