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  1. hey guys i was just thinking....maybe then next sotw theme should be the new millennium...i no its almost 8 years too late but i thought it would be a fun theme to do.just a suggestion...tell me y'all think!!!
  2. @verndewd i love it but i was wondering if u ciuld make a small and simple tut on how u make that kool look to you stuff...not the chrome stuff but the other part of all your work!!!
  3. i dont no if u can post suggestions of new themes but i thought this one would be fun...i no its 7 almost 8 years too late but i thought that a new millennium would be a very cool theme!
  4. it was just supposed to be an illusion...also boltbait i love that it is awesome...i was thinking of doin something like that because i saw the tut the=at one person made that wasnt all that great
  5. i just noticed that no one has done a gold tut or even tried to make gold...ive seen a lot of steel and other types of metals but never gold so could someone maby experiment with it and come up with a tut!!!ty Agent387
  6. i no...i never said it was...but i thought i was kinda kool
  7. i was messing around with the grid maker and came up with this. try to co9unt how many black dots there are!!!!!bet ya cant do it...lol!!!::::
  8. i no andrews gonna have a cow cause i posted this but whateva..lol hahaha....heres a bunch of sigs ive made:
  9. heres a winter sig i made and ill probably change it to this once its winter:
  10. im not to big into polar inversion but i liked this one:
  11. and one more: it reminds me of like old carpet with the like retro colors and stuff....lol
  12. ^^^^well might as well comment it while its posted here^^^^
  13. iv'e been seeing this style a lot latley and i quite like it...it makes me thing of fall and i thought could use a fall sig
  14. @blooper i love the new one..i think it beats it but i think u need to make the sig and avatar look alike.I love how it looks like a mosaic...how did u make it @olav this is kinda random but i always forget to say this...i LOVE UR SIG
  15. @rasengan...omg that is probably once of the coolest things ive seen made with pdn.U think u could make a tut on it ???
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