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  1. It is very plain, but plain is good, especially in this case, I think the colours go together well, and also the linesblend in well and add interest. What do you think of mine two posts above?

    thx...i no i usually do more complex things.....yours is much better after you fixed the text and the colors work great with each other

  2. well im back....i dont know waht happened i guess i just got caught up in a lot of things but im glad to be back and i need to do a little warming up cause i havnt used pdn in a while so this piece isnt that great but i thought it was pretty cool

    glad to see you back this is a really great picture. I especially like the square pixel looking boxes in some key area.

    good job.

    thx oma...i havnt done anything in a while and i thought id try something different and it came out pretty cool. i wont win but it is a start to get back in the race....i just check up on a lot of the people that have been here a while and there is some great work everyone has really improved there work or at least if it needed improving. when i looked at some of the work being dont i couldnt believe that in such a short time that i was gone such improvements could be mad so congrats to everyone on pdn...lol that was cheezy but i mean it

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