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  1. here is every single sig ive ever made...i like goin back and looking to see where ive come from...i havnt come that far...lol ]http://i210.photobucket.com/albums/bb192/agent387/water2.gif[/img] the weird thing is that i like the second to last one and that was the first sig i ever made...
  2. kinda cool 6 or 7/10 or maybe 8 idk...lol how ahout mine...someone other than milkybarkid
  3. 7 or 8/10 still pixly like ur avatar but the colors are great
  4. pretty good 8/10...its a little pixly but it works great with ur sig
  5. thx...i no i usually do more complex things.....yours is much better after you fixed the text and the colors work great with each other
  6. i got a new sig/avatar.....tell me what u think about it so i can improve! i no the bottom left cornor of the avatar need so help but what else because this usually isnt the style i do
  7. very nice i love the colors together and how smooth it look so without the text 8 or 9/10 but with like 5 or 6/10
  8. lol ur above me again i like the colors but its a lot like the other one u currently have id say 8/10
  9. new sig...lol its spring finally and this represented spring to me very well
  10. glad to see you back this is a really great picture. I especially like the square pixel looking boxes in some key area. good job. thx oma...i havnt done anything in a while and i thought id try something different and it came out pretty cool. i wont win but it is a start to get back in the race....i just check up on a lot of the people that have been here a while and there is some great work everyone has really improved there work or at least if it needed improving. when i looked at some of the work being dont i couldnt believe that in such a short time that i was gone such improvements could be mad so congrats to everyone on pdn...lol that was cheezy but i mean it
  11. well im back....i dont know waht happened i guess i just got caught up in a lot of things but im glad to be back and i need to do a little warming up cause i havnt used pdn in a while so this piece isnt that great but i thought it was pretty cool
  12. remember to use anti aliasing (AA) :AntiAliasingOn: when u cut out images...use the tut how to cut out images the easy way 2.
  13. im not gonna lie hat looks pretty crappy^^^^and i dont get the hand thing...it makes no sense
  14. heres an animated sig i just made...not all that great:
  15. u should...i think it would be great and it would spark a lot of other ideas.....!!!!!!!!!!
  16. comn lets get this show on the road.......voteeeeeeeeeeeeee and tell us the results...i wanna find out who won!!!
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