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  1. Im sure rick has been asked this TONS of time... Check THIS out
  2. You can find Unfreez download...Here And the Tutorial on how to use it...Here Here is Beneten Movie GIF. same as that^ but better. Here is a tutorial on That^
  3. Ash- WoW nice job! (everything you do is perfect!) Jpope- Nice and ridiculously colorful! Here are all the sigs I've made with PDN In order of how i made them, see any improvements over time??? This is the best one i think
  4. Actually it to look moore like K8ch's sig but hey i made this with the idea...
  5. Yeah thats great! thanks for the help every one! ill work on something right know (I just need to get inspired =))
  6. I cant figure out how to make something glossy just like the top of the image: WoW thats one great image i think i also need a tut on how to make it 3D like that is too and..how about a tutorial on how to make most of the effects kin this sig???
  7. I would think there is no real acceptable dimensions and that it just depends on your computer BTW could you tell us the size of the image in an easier format Right click on image>Properties>general it should be there under location EDIT: oO you snuck in on me!!! ^ that goes for sandman9
  8. Ok thanks i got right on that and now i got em' everywhere!!! Thats pretty fun and simple someone should tell the genral people about this!!! New Acount by the way(couldn't stand the name and wanted to start new! WOW color tint comes in Handy! Original Color tinted
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