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  1. In this game you have to select whether you

    1. Yes: respect the person above you

    2.No: you don't respect the person above you

    3.?: you don't know (never interacted with/ read one of their posts)

    Rules: No double posting and try not to rate the same person over and over again

    Next person starts

    Have Fun!

    EDIT: Is this a bust or do people just hate me??

  2. 5. Does your computer have 256MB of RAM or more ?

    If NO then go to #6

    If YES then go to #7

    6. Get more RAM.

    LOL thats funny

    when it gets to the part where it is configuring the program for my windows it says there was a fatal error because I was missing a program the installer needed.

    Looks like you can keep your money pyro. :lol:

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