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  1. Yeah i've always loved your sig SOZO 9/10 Paintboy thats nice but a little bland 8/10 aguba nice but hard to see and bland 7/10
  2. I like yours CMD very very creative 6/20 I like this one better Heres all of mine:
  3. w00t 2 more post than my other Profile in exactly one day!!!! party!
  4. In this game you have to select whether you 1. Yes: respect the person above you 2.No: you don't respect the person above you 3.?: you don't know (never interacted with/ read one of their posts) Rules: No double posting and try not to rate the same person over and over again Next person starts Have Fun! EDIT: Is this a bust or do people just hate me??
  5. 1. I understand this is a tutorial and all but Why revive? If the topic is more than a month old just start a new topic in general discussion. 2. Read the RULES 3 I'd forget the frame it really doesn't do much
  6. True (lol) TPBM is afraid of something that they wont admit reasoning that if they say true then they have something they wont admit and if they say false the same goes
  7. heres my first: LOL it was still in two layers when i opened it in PDN First good thing... rsbutler94 was my e-mail
  8. You know that was a joke right?? No problem EDIT: Actually I give 100% of the credit in your help to Ash...Wait no 90% I want 10% for screenies
  9. OK Aile this is what i did with your image... click for bigger view Original: Edited:
  10. LOL thats funny Looks like you can keep your money pyro.
  11. Surprisingly No T.P.B.M. Didn't take a shower today/night
  12. Wow thats really good Aile i like the whole thing with the flowers pilig up inside the orb/planet thing do you mind if i add some things to the background?? stars maybe?
  13. sorry i just thought maybe He wasn't getting the PICTURE no pun intended
  14. WOW thats small OK heres what i got. (added some simple stuff) Do This: Select auto update for the plugin to automatically change the tree when you change a slider, Check box, Ect. Click for larger size**
  15. Wow even the first step looks good =) check out my pictorium post>last Sig tell me if its any good
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