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  1. i posted this same pict before in here but i been messin around with it a lil color wise with the back ground and skin texture i liked the look of it now better then before :Dth_domateausscaletrial.png

    i got the basics i want in there now all i need to do is shade it in with a few gradients and the shorts color needs to change lol :shock:

    is that 100% PDN?

    I got Inspired... :oops:


  2. easy tutorial on what you need:

    1. open :FileOpen: your backround in PDN

    2.Add a new layer :AddNewLayer:

    4.select the top layer and open your render.(This will open a new image. Select the images with the image bar on the top right hand corner) On this new image use the :MoveTool: Tool anywhere on the canvas Pres Ctrl+C to copy.

    5.Select your original image:


    6.Press Ctrl+V to paste

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