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  1. I do have a DA but what happens when my friends wanna see my Work? its hard telling them to go to deviantart and search for me but it would be easier to say "go to PDN forums/Pictorium and look for liquidcore all my work will be there" or "go to searchpaint.net and type in liquidcore's pictoruim" Now im done...Maybe...hopefully
  2. Thanks... Big help ill work on one! It will be simple... and only use thw mainly used Windows cursors but it will hopflly be good!
  3. I was wondering if anyone could post a tutorial on how to create cursor packs with Pant.net... as there are animation tutorials i thought "Why Not?" Thanks in advance
  4. Right now..I dont know why but i feel as if rick is watching this thread from like somewhere jsut to see what people say but he isn't making his presence clear... Any way i think its a great idea but hey Around here Rick is "god"
  5. T hats what i did at first but his eyes aren't perfect circles so i used lasso and zoomed in To do this: Zoom in on one eye Select the lasso tool :LassoTool: Hold the left mouse button and go around the perimeter of what U want White reposition your camera on the other eye Hold Ctrl and Go around the perimeter of this eye Add a new layer :AddNewLayer: Switch your primary color to white Change to the fill tool :PaintBucketTool: Hold shift and fill in one of your selections, it should also fill the other Select the top layer and go to properties :Properties: Change the opacity to
  6. I am ASH not Pyro, you ate too much watermelons haven't you? Yeah i know but in the original message i stated that pyro had a 15" moniter so i said sorry for any... embarrassments to him
  7. I believe someone2016 knows! But thanks anyways. I'm sure the link will help other who does not know. Yeah i didn't mean it that way and sorry pyro i happened to pick up somewhere you where on a 15 inch monitor... Heres watermelon on a plate i said id do... original watermelon by decemberwinds.
  8. Old Post: EDIT: Anybody who see's this thread... you can follow this link to leran how to make the forums load much faster using hyperlinks! http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewt ... 5510#65510\ Heres an example If this is the original image... You can follow this tutorial to turn it into a clickable thumbnail like this **Use accordingly**
  9. Make sure you don't hit submit twice! Please edit your post! But anyway... It looks great it would go greate if you could create a plater with shape 3D! ill show you in a tutorial im making...
  10. @Ash, yeah i tried this is the best i can come up with... @Artic_Ice :Use THIS tutorial it might *Chuckle WILL Chuckle* help
  11. You get them but the system crashes of too many ip's too read and you lose your account! I wish i had the skill of ash BoltBait, Rick Brewster, PyroChild and All of the best programmers in the world =)
  12. yeah i like it, could use some feathering but yeah real nice Oh and nice sig!
  13. You know what iv'e slways wondered?? if ash is Male/Female because ash could be a Name for both!
  14. cool! Whenever i see your avvy i gasp because of how all of the colors blend perfectly!
  15. Pimp makes me think of that mission in GTA where you had to kill the pimp... Anyway, Anybody know of a free adblocker?!?!?
  16. Background i made I took this and resized it to fit background and added the light at the end... And i resized this for background
  17. Oh Hi his error wouldn't send him the email but said his account was allready registered
  18. WOW I had a good idea and i guess it cam out good, and this is a background i made.. Wakeboardin'
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