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  1. I found this list of smileys its kinda cool, could be used on the forums or as a smiley Dictionary Smiley Dictionary
  2. Yeah, Wow, I cant seem to figure out HOW or WHY someone would do that, but Rick... Definatley a blog entry... Fake Edit, Oh Gosh! I need to teach ICEMAN how to use the new forum! *Shudder's and runs and leaps under covers of couch* What is and why isn't it on?
  3. Nice i like the simplicity yet, it doesn;t look too simple, any comments on my spacescape, anyone?
  4. Wow, school starts and everything goes CRAZY, spammer's, new forums, Wow I cant imagine the pressure on Rick Right now... Anyway,I created this outa somthing i found in Helio's DA gallery EDIT: let me RE say that, I used a quicky found on Helio's DA gallery
  5. Hello All =) Here's my best cursor so far since i only started making them last night. But I have to say its pretty cool, Check this and others out a my Googlepage, liquidcore3.googlepages.com
  6. CJ & Swistak Your image on the page before and your sphere swistak put together would look SOOOOO nice! try it !!!
  7. Yeah, it must run in his blood =) Oops you know the topics almost dead when you start going off topic =)
  8. *laughs at the thought of CMD saying "RANDOM NAME this is photoshop, Photoshop this is RANDOM NAME"* What are you some kind of computer counselor?!?
  9. Yeah, I agree with leif to an extent... I think of the forums as a communtiy BUT comunities usually do post things that they have done but as the way of Frojo, Ash Boltbait ect. put it This "Community Is NOT for posting your work but rather sharing things you've learned (Hence "tutorials") and to a very small extent of what you've done. Conclusion... The current pictorium is fine for what it's meant for!
  10. I think Everybody Should Copy that Snippet anto a easily reachable text document so that they can easily post it when people ARE doing something wrong =) Cheers How do i wash my brain out?!?!?!
  11. @aakanaar Look at how many posts they have if its 1 or maybe even 2 just reply with a link @Rick yeah thats why you have everybody do it that way we wont need corecting because they know the rules and how things work
  12. Wow I like everything cant wait to see whats next @swistak WOW nice star your gettin' pretty good! @Buzzkill that reminds me of something but i cant really get a grab on it ... Oh well
  13. when i try i have to add the extention?? what do i select in the drop box??
  14. I got an idea... when you see somebody new to the forums start your replie to there messege by pointing them toward the rules and search but make sue you state that they did nothing wrong, unless they did thanks!
  15. First off im going to head you in the direction of rules because your new...not because you did somethin wrong, secondly do what he said^
  16. It didn't take me long but i aren't that great at it and kinda confused [offtopic]sooo plaease visit and comment![/offtopic]
  17. so if i save it in PDN as a .cur or whatever a pop up will come asking where to put the hotspot???
  18. Yeah good idea! ok im done with the whole "arguing" thing goodnight =) it's 10:00 here
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