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  1. There really isn't much to learn about MS Paint. At all. But my banners look well better in a sense lol but yea that other person is right this thread is not longer needed thanks for the info thou
  2. What? I Babble .... and i felt like i was ...
  3. Thank you all for replying but i think Photoshop is FUN.... i love it and the Cs2 is easy and fun ..... I know how to use 4 diffenrt versions of photoshops and i am a wiz at Paint ( MS) and i get programs easy.....and i mean someonetold me about it and i am going to have photoshop no matter what, i can not wait til i get the money for Cs 3 .... and as for cost, I want to be a Design For LIFE! I Love it .... Its Expression and my passion ... i get joy from design and thats why i want to do it so bad i would go to this place .... but i dol ike the tourials even thou they are for P.N they still w
  4. OK thank you now i will not waste the space on my pc .... i was not sure if it was better like better something but i guess not .... my sig and Ava is 110% Photoshop lol if you can see my sig... its not showing up on my screen but thank you
  5. Ok I know this is Paint.net, but a friend told me he uses this instead of Photoshop, You claim to be better then it , and free so arethe two programs compatible? What is better then photoshop, i can not see the differnce beside its free. If i downlaod it will it mess with Photoshop Cs2? I use photoshop i just need an edge in my design class and i was thinking maybe this could be it but i would love to know these answers. I love to animate and thats why i ask about this, since this can not animate like the CS seris, thank you for reading this and helping me Shabby
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