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  1. Asking nicely....."Please can somebody write a plugin?"
  2. Hi. I'm a bit of an Amiga enthusiast and have been using them for god knows how long now. My Amiga is down at the moment so to create the texture maps I require for Lightwave 3D models I'm using Paint.net. One problem is a lot of my old images are in the IFF format native to the Amiga. I've found a program to load them, but its not great for editing them, so i have to fiddle around loading and saving to BMP or something to edit them in Paint.net. I've had a brief look around and searched, but to no avail. Is it possible to load these images or will i have to use this other program to simply c
  3. I've been using Amigas for my 2D artwork for many many....many years now, and when I get TVPaint and ImageFX going again I'll be a very happy person. The brush feature can be very useful at times, but not too often really. Still it would be a nice extra to Paint.net. DPaint still has one over a lot of paint programs even now. Though by the time it got to version 5 it was slower than a dead aardvark!
  4. Hi. A nice little plugin. It would be nice if you could select the centre for the radial fill though.
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