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  1. 1 think too, make the cooler chooseable, red, yellow, etc etc, or use it from primary colour this would be very very nice, only blue is not what everybody needs )
  2. cool one can u make the X/Y Offset more sensitiv? not X,XX make it like this X,XXX oder X,XXXX this would be nice a preview function will beu usefull, - u sea the pic, an there is a "box" which shows the cut out of it, which is shown in de pic would be nice
  3. hmm they are no realy what i search ^^, because they dont look like a real frost effectt, or are not addable on a text ( with photoshop u have do make, wind left, wind right, wind left, wind right, rotate the pic, wind left or right and its done) then it looks like the pic i have postet ^^
  4. hi ich have a question, is there an plugin, or can anyone make a plugin for frost effects? i actualy usw the wind effects from photoshop cs2 for them, its 1 of 3 things why i usw them, and i want to have a plugin like that for paint.net, is it possible to make it? thanks for reading
  5. oh ok thanks xD_ realy easy_ ^^, sry 4 the question
  6. Hello dear Communtiy, I has one asks, how can i make stripes like this is there a Plugin for it? or can anyone tell me what i have to do for it
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