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  1. Hey, i just really got back into this game, and I'm wondering who else plays it?also, if anyone has accounts they wanna get rid of, send me user name and password, I'll surely take any and all.
  2. Can someone help me on how to use this tutorial to make really cool pictures. Much Appreciated,
  3. I know there is a topic but i cant seem to find it. Can someone help?
  4. I am kinda of new to paint.net and i was wondering if you had a picture that you lets say recently had pencil sketch or ink sketch or stuff done to it and saved it. can you open it back up and undo all of that?
  5. How do you make a picture look likes its on fire like this.http://www.avatarist.com/avatars/Movies/The-Matrix/Smith-on-fire.jpg Thanks.
  6. I was thinking since you guys did Paint.Net why dont you do Video.Net or Media.Net. Instead of editing and making paintings lets edit and make videos.
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