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  1. I don't know where mine came from i like wolves, they are my favorite animal but i don't know where the "Leaping" came from lol i think i just thought it would make cool sigs and avatars :wink:
  2. lol i was just thinking that myself :wink:
  3. 7/10 It ok bit plain though it could have more color, but i like the look of it with the character in the middle
  4. one of my pics Not the best but... meh
  5. ohh i love Deviant Art it gives me a chance to show my art if here is my page http://wolfhige.deviantart.com/ Good site!
  6. By pressing Ctrl+F you are simply repeating the effect you just did, or you can do it the long way and go to the drop down effects menu and at the top it will say "Repeat Clouds" press that and it will repeat but Ctrl+F is much more easier Hope this helps
  7. lol i didn't add a plugin and it messed up but i changed it into a sunset looking thing It was fun, and i thnk it looks quite cool 8) Great tut!
  8. This is just a tester i made when i downloaded the water reflection effect. I quite like it Also my new sig which i am VERY proud of
  9. i absolutely loooove this tutorial i don't know how many times I've used it but this would have to be my best result: It's so my new sig *goes puts as sig*
  10. omg ash congrats im sure you'll be a great help around here, now..... LETS PARTY!!!!
  11. yea you got a point there old grandmother you say
  12. i still think it sounds cool freak wat do u meen by joke???
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