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  1. ...when you convince your computer teacher to convert from photo shop elements 4.0 to paint.net and have us do stuff that has been posted in the tutorials section instead of doing photo shop turtorials.
  2. you stay up all night and squeaky floor board so you can mess with pnd and get snacks all night long! i just did that man i wonder witch class i will fall asleep in.
  3. .. you bring your laptop to school and camp out in the bathroom's on PDN through lunch, science class and study hall. (almost did that once)
  4. are school district i download stuff all the time half the computers have guitar hero and some other halo type games.
  5. ... instead of saying mom one more level on halo PLEAASEEE!!!! your saying mom just one more layer on this picture PLEASE!!!
  6. this is the second time my Microsoft outlook has betrayed me it will only receive 5.09 mb(something like that.) at a time and thus not giveing me email more recent then like 3 weeks ago anyone got a idea? i want my email = (
  7. friends gave me some good suggestions for free programs at good old http://forums.halomods.com i am «ce»mike one of there most hated members.
  8. Hey, don't joke about that, man... "I do believe in faeries, I do believe in faeries, I do believe in faeries..." omfg lol omfg lol i nearly busted a gut laughing almost forgot. its ok calm down no no mommy! mommy! its not loading MOMMY!!!!! lol jokeing.
  9. you start smoking because some guy made a picture that says you should.
  10. ..when you dont eat for 3 days strait because you are working on what you think to be your best work ever. ... you hire a butler to give you food so you never need to leave the computer. ... when you remodel your office so when your infront of your computer your sitting on a toilet. ... you call in sick because you are in are trying to figure out how ash made a picture.
  11. sorry about size but my friend did this and some other stuff and amazed me he never touched paint.net or photo shop and didn't use a tutorial what do you think?
  12. ok couldnt find anything i think dan rothwell (the player im looking for) played in 2002-2003 or something around that i couldnt find anything on your site you linked me to.
  13. i am trying to impress my teacher and maybe so i can skip a couple computer lesson. my old math teacher used to play college football for OSU beavers i need a site to find archived pictures and hopefully be able to make a nice render with that picture :wink: and i also need a tutorial for making that render into a awesome picture along with a tutorial that will just freaking stun my computer teacher all links are apreciated i am fairly new to pdn so tutorials should be in detail or fairly simple all links will be apreciated!
  14. ... you rig your computer, xbox and nintendo wii so its like the UI of paint.net
  15. ...you know every perfection and imperfection of paint,net you know it so well you could replicate the monta lisa.
  16. ... when you make a memory scrap book of all the threads you post in. ..when you write something like f*** on your paper and school and before you turn it in you try to press ctrl z and then your teacher gets mad :x
  17. ...when you are constantly thinking of ways to make a awesome paint.net picture.
  18. ... when the pnd site crashes and you go in the corner and start crying like the world is gonna end.
  19. that like just happened on my math homework i tried to copy and i pressed ctrl c on my keyboard.
  20. ...instead of going taking 10 minutes to go to wallgreens you spend hours customizing nearly 10 party invitations on pnd. (im doing that)
  21. i havent realy worked on anything but the buttons.
  22. you make a mistake on a test and you try to press crt z on your pants.
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