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  1. sure thing! id love to learn how to color in my anime CG ^^ @spike what?
  2. im SO sorry to double post but now that I made an example maybe someone can help me better (I know im not the greatest artist ^^; well I did this pretty well, but theres still the white lines from when I tried to make the crease or shade or whatever to make it look like CG anime art if anyone else can help me figure out how to do this better it would be much appriciated
  3. I rate yours an 8, i dont know what it means but it sounds cool xD
  4. yeah, I just downloaded this software today, my girlfriend introduced me to it. well I absolutely LOVE anime and I was wondering if theres anyway on here I can make CG looking anime with the software, and not only that, id like to know how to put a background with it after ive finished, and another thing im curious about is how to make it look as if ive sketched it incase I DONT want the CG look im not very bright so if someone could give me a step by step tutorial of how to create this I would be SO happy! its also important to me 'cause its my girlfriends and mine (im a girl, lesbian >>) anniversary tomarrow but shes going to be gone and I want to make her something nice using the software I appriciate anyone who can help me out ^^
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