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  1. select the area you would like to crop and then press ctrl + shift + x
  2. this is just a logo i made for a contest. A website wants a new logo and the prize is $525 USD
  3. i made this using a technique i learned in my graphic design class
  4. i made this a few minutes ago just by messing around with a pic of tennis balls. this is the pic of tennis balls. i used the selected one.
  5. I was going to try and do that but i forgot to save the pdn
  6. does any one know where i could find the theme shown in this picture?
  7. I made another siggy! Tell me if there is anything I could have done better
  8. ... you go crazy when you cant use Paint.NET because your computer got a virus and is at Best Buy getting fixed so you have to use your dad's slow computer that is too slow to download Paint.NET (true story )
  9. use this tutorial to cut out the anime character http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=4841&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&hilit=cutting+out+images and then inverse the selection (ctrl + i) and then delete and you should see a bunch of grey and white squares. the area with the squares with be transparent so it will show what ever you put behind it. hope that helps!
  10. I was about to suggest that to my teacher in my graphic design class. ...when you make a shortcut key for Paint.NET for even quicker access. (I did that yesterday)
  11. this is a sig i made a few minutes ago. i have no idea why i keep making sigs. i guess im just addicted
  12. here is one i made a few minutes ago. tell me what i can do better!
  13. i was horrible because it was the first good photo editor I had ever used and i had no idea what i was doing
  14. i just did this a few minutes ago. it didn't turn out exactly how i wanted it.
  15. I cant remember exactly how i found pdn but I remember I was looking for an alternative for Photoshop because I didn't have enough money for it. At first, it seemed like a slightly better version of MS paint because I barely knew anything about photo editing. After a few months of experimenting with new ideas, i found out that one of my friends used pdn all the time and he made some amazing signatures and he told me there was a forum so I found the forum and just started downloading new effects and trying every tutorial.
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