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  1. Agreed!

    the Encore P29 BL Electric Guitar would be a great guitar to start off with.

    Tune-o-Matic is a great tool to have.

    Has anybody seen the Gibson Robot Guitar?

    I was just reading about that yesterday. I hope that technology is in every guitar someday.

  2. Whats the most terrifying thing that has ever happened to you?

    Not many scary things have happened to me but I get panic attacks (like 1 every 2 months) and the last one I had was in late August or early September. I was sleep walking and woke up on the floor at the foot of my parents bed and I was confused but I just got up and started walking to my room. Now I cant remember exactly how it started but i was curled up on my floor screaming randomly and suddenly I got freezing cold and started shaking and felt like I was going to die. It was really freaky and it took me like an hour to fall asleep after it because I was still shaking.

    Anyone else get frequent panic attacks?

  3. Punk rock is generally annoying. I tend to refer to the genre as "Californian rock" because of the clear accent and skateboarder style that's overly common in certain parts of California. Try Honesty ~Billy Talent [though Canadian] makes for a perfect example of this, but it's also one of my anti-Punk exceptions thanks to ncfan.

    what have you been listening to? probably pop punk

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