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  1. I would quite happily get banned, you're all ignorant and rude **** ***** with no intelligence. So ban me, cause I aint coming on to this **** site. Weirdo's. Edited by Rick to redact some words
  2. Blooming heck, I have "just" joined and you're all Edited by Rick: Removed weird swearing tirade
  3. Blooming heck, someone's uptight!
  4. Hey Up Guys I am new on here, so just thought I'd pop my head and say hello.
  5. Hi Guys Could someone tell me why when I upload a photo onto a page I am working on, when I go to do something else like add text or something else from paint that you cant see what I am doing, but if I take away the image I uploaded then I can see? Also how do edit text that you have already added previously? And lastly, can you copy something you have done and paste it? Thanks guys Sorry for all the questions. Lottie.x
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