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  1. examine :arrow: study Why are the easiest things oh so hard to think of?
  2. ground - level (as the ground level in a hotel)
  3. I've been working on this snow globe for a few days (since vacation started). The base is not quite done, might try to engrave Happy Holidays into it... What do you think? Does the snowman need arms? Merry Christmas, Revenant
  4. House :arrow: Drama As in the TV show House, which I believe is a drama
  5. no detention but 3 tradies = an absence. 6 unexcused abseces = fail class There seems to be a group of people in my school who park themselves in the middle of the most used t intersection in the school. it's crowd dodging to get to my locker
  6. True. Though no one has fallen down on the hill in over a year...
  7. Freshmen! (this is not inteded to insult freshmen presten here but the ones at my school) They stop in doorways, stop in the hall, cannot open their lockers (though mine was locked my freshmen year for the first three days), and think the rule the universe. As a jounior I only wonder if this is how I was (and cringe to think that is the truth). Though they can be funny, the ones in my neighborhood almost missed the buss this morning and one of them acctually fell down while running to the buss!
  8. Mr Hat does not appaer in the dictionary Puppet :arrow: Wood
  9. looks like a fragmeted line to me. part of the ed effects pulgin, it's sticked in the pulgin section i believe
  10. beaten @ben you get a better desk but it is in your house when it goes up in flames unfortunetly you were at war against your sibling (or other realitive) and they fell into a brook and now the rest of your family is reallly mad at you I wish for chocolate icecream
  11. Paul's Really Evil Viper Is Outside Under Shubbery OUTSIDE
  12. it looks like johnny depp at age eighty and scares children world wide i wish shcool did not start thursday or any earlier
  13. Run Eddie My Old Timber-rattler Escaped TIMBERRATTLER (you can do half if you want )
  14. some unknown prose? easily rectified! PROSE
  15. I am 16 (and have been for two months and a day!) Now I am legaly allowed to terrify my parents with my driving!
  16. been playing around with blending modes and tile lately
  17. Vehicals On City Avenues (sp) Blindly U-turn Laughingly At Red-headed Youths BLINDLY
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