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  1. Anyone know either a plug-in or tutorial on how to make vintage looking images/text in Paint.net, such as the image on this shirt: http://www.cafepress.com/buy/vintage/-/ ... pt_/c_666/ I've used some fonts that have a 'vintage' feel, but that doesn't help me with images. Thanks for your time.
  2. Ash, Hey, yes that is what I want, I just did it without highlighting the image and it worked correctly, that must have been how I originally did it but just forgot which is so strange because I just did it last week. I really really appreciate you taking the time to show me this. It really helps with this project I'm doing. Thanks a lot. Stephen
  3. Here's a link to the picture, any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks. http://www.freewebs.com/stevrons/NYmapblack.png
  4. I have a black image on a white background that when in the past I highlighted and used the Outline effect tool a nice crisp black outline was created, and the inside of the image turned to white. For some strange reason, when I go back to that exact same image, and highlight it and use the Outline tool, the outline that's created is not uniform, some parts of the outline are thinner than others, and actually there are small breaks in the outline. I've tried to adjust to Outline settings (thickness and intensty) but those two settings just make the problem more obvious. I don't know if there'
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