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  1. ok so i tryed to make somthing like usedhondas avatar but could not make it i have tryed other interfaces but i cant seem to make them looking like somthing you would see made so can anyone post somthing that will make the base of a interface TY
  2. rick he would make a pic of them and they would love him
  3. they cool my post is in there at the bottom cool yes i am a noob
  4. i hate it when it is hot i can never sleep to
  5. tyvm how did you copy and past did you make a box then ctrl+c then moved the box over the speaker and then ctrl+v
  6. ok i tried again but it comes out looking like i just used gray
  7. i want to remove the speaker thing and then make it look like the rest of the pic just putting gray on top of it dose not look right can some one tell me what to do PS--i tryed the clone stamp it did not work
  8. yes i know but when i posted this i was useing IE and every time i did my pc frose PS---i am using firefox now
  9. i Just got firefox IE keeps geting a somthing and locks up the pc it dose it every 5 min so i got firefox so it would stop and come to find out firefox is way better then IE
  10. ok so i have been looking for the user bar tutorials i saw them when i started and now i want to try them but i cant find them can some one post the link to the tutorials
  11. just to put it out there i use first page 2006 it is ok i like it better then just using notpage seens with it i can see what i have done with out saving it then opening it
  12. i got N8 = nate which is what i get called at school i use whisnart to i got that from bowling they spelled my last name whisnart but it is whisnant
  13. so i was looking and ppl sigs and found some cool site so i wanted to know who has websites on the forums so if you post your website url so the hole world well the hole forum can see mine is http://www.worldzwar.com it is my guild website i am redoing it right know but my paint is down
  14. very true there are a lot and to look at them all to find what you need takes a long time 8)
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