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  1. me...im not a random user...ive been on here for a long time...i had a different account :evil:
  2. my brother had to pull me out with his truck bc the other 4 wheeler couldnt do it and thank got he has a big f-250 and could pull me out :?
  3. yeah i got my 4 wheeler stuck in an empty lot like 30 min ago...
  4. i like this one a lot: http://youtube.com/watch?v=GuMMfgWhm3g
  5. if they arent too bad post them but just have something that says mature or something
  6. hahahaahahahahahahahahhahaha....both of them are very funny
  7. Ok. this topic is where everyone can post their favorite youtube videos for everyone else to enjoy. i guess ill start Banana Phone: http://youtube.com/watch?v=YQ4j-MBnLQo Fishing Bloopers(funny):
  8. flase..maybe on my bike TPBM is making something on PdN right now
  9. PENNY!!!!!!!!!! lynyrd skynyrd or 50 cent
  10. gatorade sleep all night...sleep all day
  11. im sure it will be moved but this thread is for tutorial posting only...next time please post in questions and general discussion
  12. when you select the flower with magic wand you can just hit Ctrl+I and then hit black n white instead of having to create new layers
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