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  1. WIZOO!!! but everytime you try to play it shocks you i wish that i was a pro football player
  2. WALA!! but he turns out to be a killer, dun dun dunnnn. i wish i was rick brewster
  3. Ok, in this game, you present the group with a wish of yours, and the next person has to corrupt it AND make a new wish. example: Person 1- I wish that I could get straight A's. Person 2- POOF! You have straight A's, but your teachers find you so smart that you are transferred to a new school where you know nobody! I wish I could have a dog. Person 3- SHAZAM! You have a dog, but it dies the day after you get it. I wish I could be a faster runner. etc...I'll start this off: I wish i was the best in the world at PdN
  4. 8.5/10 i kinda fixed my sig so the horizon isnt crooked
  5. ok you pick which one i should use as ma sig THIS ONE or THIS ONE \ / \ v
  6. you forgot to give us the abbreviations :shock:
  7. welcome to the forum...cant wait to see some of your artwork
  8. ill give you an 8/10 for the redo of his sig and an 8.5/10
  9. true. i live in west palm beach florida and sometimes schools get shut down TPBM had a haircut this week
  10. people are smart to astronauts LAWL
  11. omg...please dont tell everyone that im wearing pink and purple socks with flowers and he..... oh my god nooooooo! :oops:
  12. im quick like a gazelle, thats the only reason i beat you. i like your sig and what it links to. 8.75/10
  13. i was wondering how to save the file in paint.net with rounded edges. i have tried to use the tool and make rounded edges but it still has the checkerboard backround. example is there any way to have it without the white hanging over the rounded sides. im sorry if this makes no sense im having trouble explaining it. :oops:
  14. yeah i dont post often i just browse...but im going to start to post
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