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  1. i need help...what else can i do to this picture? [yes those are my dogs]
  2. holy pyro!!!! man i need a warning so i cant make something for 200. man party tonight
  3. new sig. i knoe its sloppy but i dont care its my 1st .gif
  4. granted, but you now have no internet. i wish i didnt have to go to school
  5. david you cant say that big of a word its in the rules
  6. good job. i always thought you would be a moderator
  7. im guessing rectangle select tool? select half the image and do what you want to only half of it
  8. actually i stayed in a disney campground and went to islands of adventure and rode the hulk and duleing[sp?] dragons and all that good stuff.
  9. @paintboy: i like the new one better i would give it a 9/10 @evilneko: 6/10 for the seven sins bc it is to streched out which one: this one: or the one in my current sig?
  10. just wanted to know your opinion on which one is better This one: or the one in my sig.
  11. granted but all your adiances are deaf i wish i could get whatever i want as soon as i wanted it
  12. granted. but when you see him he is in his death bed. i wish i had a million dollars
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