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  1. Dangit.... Oh well- I guess I can stalk Rick until he makes a new version with it :wink: Oh- and David- Paperthin Hymn? Nice sig
  2. hehe- yeah Paint Boy- I don't play Runescape any more either- but I still like my little dude I would make my own on Shape3D, but I'm not freakishly skilled like that :shock: @Leif- oh yeah- alright. I don't wanna lose my ink sketch :o
  3. I know this might sound a bit dumb, because there is already the Line/Curve tool, but do you think someone could make a pen tool like the one from Photoshop? It makes selecting things from images SO much faster... The Tutorial for selecting with the new layer, and different colors just takes a long time in my opinion... Thanks
  4. So....in September, when it expires, am I just supposed to go back to the official version- or does the actual one come out? Oh- and I love Ink Sketch!
  5. Ah man- 10yt9 is awesome! I wanna make one... lol good job
  6. Mine is better :wink: Dude- your rainbow car has my rights on it! HAH
  7. Awesome CD Tillerman! Here is a quick 15 sec car recolors I did-(THANKS to Conditional Hue/Saturation!) check out the rights at bottom right-lol Cough*Pirating rights*Cough
  8. Hey- this is my pic- I did it really quickly using shape 3d I know it's really bad, but I've just barely started using paint.net
  9. Thanks evan! This plugin is awesome for recoloring cars! I might send in a pic later.
  10. This is what I got: I think I should have added a bit more clouds. Thanks for the tutorial though!
  11. Hey this is great! Awesome plugin man!
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