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  1. is there a way to make free .swfs? i know macromedia flash can make .swfs but it aint free >_< is there a free .swf maker?
  2. eh? im still confused...can someone tell me how to exactly do it?
  3. How? o.o i know UnFreez but ain't there another way? i wanna animate JPEG! i know there's a way but i dont know what way it is can anyone please help me?
  4. hmmm i saw this pic and i think its beautiful... just made me wonder how to put sparkles like it....
  5. You know...the game characters, also just like the one they make on deviant art! something like here: How do they make it so pixely? @__@ please answer...
  6. omg this is what ive been looking for! thank you!
  7. err....how do i put borders of the selected? like i wanna put a border around the text o.o
  8. btw that color picture helped me figure out the changes n__n
  9. ....i dont get how to set the color and how to choose what part would be changed >.<
  10. Dang...i love the idea of the plugin but i cant seem to understand how to use it.... ugh... well i think im getting it....but in still confused coz i dunno how to choose which part to change the color ( can someone help me?
  11. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....thanks for the great explanations guys! n__n so what would you suggest better? putting it higher, or lower?
  12. when i make a .gif file there's this pop out right? its says about transparency and dithering.... i know what to set in the transparency but i have no idea what dithering is o__o can someone explain? when i try to put it higher it gives my image some dots... is that bad? when i lower it down the dots disappear but there's like this paint effect O__o which is the best?
  13. i tried to put some rain but i cant really see the rain lol but it is there if you look at it very carefully ^__^
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