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  1. You're telling me to make benchmarks with stuff I can't do ? Test before testing ? Or maybe no idea is good when it's not yours ?You're underestimating me. Thinking I make random ideas without thinking of how real it can be.
  2. Not concrete ideas but I have ability allowing me to make plans like I had concrete ideas. That's why I'll help anyhow I can.
  3. I made separate threads 'cuz I came to these ideas far later.All my experience with dotNET is several attempts with VBdotNET which sucked. Honestly telling, I don't want to be taking part in dotNET.
  4. 1) FUNCTIONALITY/USABILITY IDEA: After duplicating/adding/importing a layer, automatically bring up the "Layer Properties" window with the layer name highlighted in case of the user wanting to change it but he can simply hit Enter if he doesn't. This saves the user some time having to manually bring it up. 2) FUNCTIONALITY IDEA: Allow placing teleports which let you to return to the place on the pic you were in. This saves time on small-med/med/large pics finding the spot you were at after zooming out, for example. 3) FUNCTIONALITY/STABILITY/USABILITY IDEA: Just like Google Chrome makes separate processes of each tab, PDN should make separate processes of operations+pics in order to gain+maintain higher stability by isolating possible crashing caused by operations on one pic. In practise this would mean that PDN itself is the so-called master process which gives orders to spawned operation processes and monitors their progress, letting the user to tell PDN to terminate a crashed subprocess just like Google Chrome lets. 4) STABILITY _POSSIBLE_ IDEA: The #3 idea might be capable of expanding to contain a bunch of pixels in separate processes (which is backed up by central storage process containing them all) for higher stability; if a process containing a bunch of pixels crashes, the process can be terminated and new one spawned by central storage process on order from PDN; if the crashing of the processes of the specific pixels happens 3 times, central storage process refuses to spawn new ones and tells PDN to ask the user to save the work -> shutdown PDN -> load the work. 5) USABILITY IDEA: Add an indication of something happening into the area of layer icons without erasing the icon if it has one before the processing is done. 6) PERFORMANCE/MEMORY IDEA: PDN should cache the layer icons on disk and call for the icon for all layers which have the same pic; if any of the layers use same icon except for under 50% diff', still use the cached but keep note of the changes which PDN adds during call for the icon; if there is at least 50% diff, cache the diff' icon if it's more worth it than caching one icon & making note of the differences.
  5. 1) PERFORMANCE+USABILITY PROBLEM: When switching between pics in PDN window, the icons for layers are reloaded, causing slowdown for the while they're reloaded. Instead they should change when/after making changes _only_. layer window's scrollbar resets to most top position, requiring you to scroll back to where it was. If the programming language allows, keep a note of the bar's position and restore it after switching. 2) PERFORMANCE IDEA: Instead of PDN calculating the pixels' start & end values for Tolerance when using Magic Wand or Bucket, part of them should be calculated on-the-fly. This speeds up these tools. 3) PERFORMANCE IDEA: When changing Tolerance, part of the pixels' start & end values should be calculated on-the-fly. This speeds up Magic Wand & Bucket. 4) FUNCTIONALITY IDEA: In similar fashion as allowing to choose toolbar defaults, allow to bind diff' keys for Tools as both default and runtime-only. 5) FUNCTIONALITY IDEA: For Magic Wand & Bucket, allow specifying pixel colors to forbid/permit affecting of in addition to using Tolerance. 6) USABILITY IDEA: When Magic Wand or Bucket is working, make the change on a pixels show up right after the tool made the change. This should be configurable in case of someone's computer not being able to handle it while someone's is able.
  6. Everything works for me up to the second step and even though I installed the Dents and the other plugin, I don't see them. I have Paint.NET 3.10 Beta