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  1. Hi i think some of you know liquidcore, he is my friend. He got me started in Pant.net and i love it.I tried making a account on here but it wouldn't work so he gave me his old one. thanks
  2. Nice! I chose liquid core soo admin you can just get rid of this ACC (if you want)
  3. I cant seem to conjour up how to create this effect if someone could create a tutorial on it Taken from Pyrochilds DA
  4. False They make lie detectors??? I happen to like the word tuts (except for when you type it like this: "tuts" TPBM knew they made lie detectors
  5. Im so sad i missed all of this... o welll beter late then never.. "Those who reject the path to enlightenment must be destroyed." I think I'll start following Origin, I see many parallels to my own life in their teachings and I believe they speak reason and truth*. Hallowed are the Ori! *except for this bit: "Those who reach enlightenment shall rejoice with the Ori forever" because you won't. ?
  6. Im very sad to pronounce that im going to be creating a new account because DeviantArt states the name ICEMAN is all ready taken. Anybody got a nice username for me to chose??? I will be selecting this hopefully by the end of the night... First choice LiquidCore so far Other choices: xXHOBBITXx
  7. I had some ideas today and put them to work... here they are Im going to make a tutorial for this xbox 360 logo This i thought about a couple of days ago And this is just something weird i made... I cal it, Blood Vessels! Thanks =)
  8. True (Why, Not) TPBM has an Xbox 360 and hates PS3
  9. WOW i like this effect.. I changes it around by adding a white layer on top and then changing the blendig mode to something ( I cant remember..)
  10. ok like this: i actual want it just like this: See the bright light on top of this button i like that but the plugin doesn't do that and i cant find the one he said he used for that
  11. I couldn't seem to find a plugin for light reflections... And since im about as good at programing as micheal jackson is at being a woman i decided to suggest it. My idea is something like making it so that you could add a reflection from any direction on the canvas and any objects on the selected layer would lighten (or darken) in that direction as a result Thanks
  12. These are the things ive done if you can rate plz do... 1-10 I just started PDN yesterday so im not that good but this is some of my stuff no offence taken in advance Thanks
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