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  1. No one uses Irfanview? It even allows the use of Photoshop plugins, and has for several versions. Before I found out about Paint.NET, it was the only image editing program I used.
  2. No, it won't erase them. However, some plugins have been added to Paint.NET itself and the program will disable them. And there are some plugins that might work now that won't work under 3.31. I believe that those may also be disabled.
  3. I used to run a BBS on my Commodore Amiga 2000, so I had it up pretty much for most of the year unless I was doing some work that required me to restart the system. Now I use Windows, and I might leave it on if I'm going to get updates. Right now I am looking at a couple hundred megs on a fractional T1, so I will probably be leaving it on tonight if it doesn't finish.
  4. The way I see it, and I might be completely wrong, if you have an improvement to a tutorial you would post it in that tutorial instead of making an entirely new one that only adds an effect step. I don't see the value of having a rainbow, rainbow +, and a rainbow ++ set of tutorials where all that is added each time is a color band.
  5. There are a few solutions, the best one being to use an underscore instead of a period. Another would be to explicitly denote the filetype in the filename after entering the date. Those are probably the simplest ways. Not using periods would be preferable.
  6. I've tried to duplicate this issue with PDN 3.30 and an Office 2007 application running concurrently, and I cannot get the save-as feature to do anything but come up as soon as I make the selection for it. I even had Outlook and Word open while running PDN. Edit: My system specs are similar, except I have 1.5 Gig less RAM and have an AMD 3500+ processor (using a 32-bit XP due to some applications that won't work in a 64-bit OS).
  7. You'll want to edit the post title to be more descriptive. You will either want a .GIF or .PNG format for the file, since those formats keep transparency. If you have fewer than 256 colors, .GIF would be a good one to use. If you have more, use .PNG.
  8. That looks pretty close to a real delaminated b/c flute sheet of corrugated. Impressive.
  9. This is kind of the point of having layers: To be able to affect each layer with a separate effect. If you need to have all layers get the same treatment, you either don't create layers and just run the effect or you collapse the layers and run it. I don't see a point, even if this were possible, to do something of this nature.
  10. I was programming in BASIC on a Commodore Pet in high school. My dad got a Commodore VIC-20 a few years later. Then we upgraded to a C=64, and I used Simon's BASIC or assembler when programming. Somehow I lucked into an IT position at work that had opened up. At the time we were on a Digital PDP-11/84 running Digital MSM (known as MUMPS then), so it worked much like an enhanced BASIC programming language. We migrated to a SCO UNIX server running Intersystems MSM, and that's what we use now. So I've pretty much been programming some UNIX scripts and BASIC programs for the last decade. I was actually going to start learning C when I had my Amiga, but decided not to because I just didn't have the time. I probably would have benefited from it, but I didn't know it at the time.
  11. This one has my vote for first and last post as an eerily accurate prophecy.
  12. You need to edit the title to something more descriptive, and you might want to visit the rules. For the layers issue, you need to flatten the image before you save it. That would be the Image menu, and select "Flatten" (or CTRL+Shift+F at the same time). What is happening is that your image is being saved as a Paint.NET file instead of something else. When you save the file after flattening, you can then choose the file format to use (JPG, GIF, PNG, or whatever you prefer).
  13. I also tried it with a paste of my desktop (which should be just as good as a screen print of any other thing). No problem. I selected a portion, and used ctrl+shift+x, and got just the selected portion on screen.
  14. Thanks. I didn't have the tile/gloss layer the first time I used it but I kept messing about with it. The beauty of PDN, of course, is the ability to muck around with it and do many, many, things you will wind up thinking are total garbage. And then you actually get on a roll and do something that's pretty good. At least that has been my experience. I also see they have a link to the Sony downloads directory and a keygen for that set of programs. So it's pretty much a given that the moderators of the KU site have a blanket acceptance of software piracy. I feel no pity for them if and when they go down.
  15. The Knights United site is back up, and there seems to be no change to their various fora topics pointing the way to a free Photoshop. That doesn't mean nothing will happen, just that it hasn't yet.
  16. The California ground squirrel will heat up its tail and wave it at a rattle snake in order to put it on the defensive and scare it away, but doesn't heat up its tail when confronted by a gopher snake.
  17. At first, I was trying to make a waterfall with a real image as the back and foreground. Then I just decided to mess around a bit and made this entirely with PDN. I thought it was fairly decent.
  18. First Name: Duane Location: Flint, Michigan Age: 43 (soon enough) Occupation: I.T. Department flunky Hobbies: Reading, trying to use software I have no skill at using. Favorite tech item: The telephone. I should really write Alexander Bell a thank you note for that one. What is your most enjoyable outdoor activity? I do like to take pictures of the outdoors. If you could take a vacation anywhere in the world, where there would be no expense to you, where would you go and what would you do? I'd go back to Hawaii and see if my memories of it from when I was 3 are still accurate. Name one person, who in your opinion, is a hero or role-model: Carl Sagan, popularizer of general science.
  19. Well, thanks! I know I have a long way to go, but the default tools and the plug-ins really make it so much easier to work with images. I have been looking over the tutorials, though a couple are hard to follow for me at the moment. I am kind of proud that I made a rotating 3-D gif before the tutorial was written.
  20. This was the first plug-in I got when I installed Paint.NET last week, and it is stunning. There are so many things this allows. Thank you for doing such awesome work.
  21. I just installed Paint.NET last Thursday and have spent maybe 8 hours total using it. Here is just one of the images I made: The friend in the picture really liked this image. All I needed for it was clouds, lines, the magic wand, some erasing, and feathering. I think it took about 15 minutes. I don't have words for how impressed I am with this, because I do not have the slightest bit of artistic sensibility. If I can do this well at something I stink at, I can only imagine what some of you more skilled people can do.
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