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  1. It has been considered, and decided against. That is not the same as not being considered.

    I would think that the prohibitive part would be not just writing out the various tools/effects/adjustments used in general, but also having to record the specific options used within them. That means any layer settings, magic wand tolerance . . .

    You might get a 1 gig text file describing how you managed to eke out a 150 px X 50 px image.

  2. Now here's what I don't understand; why would PDN have to keep a copy of EVERY SINGLE edit; why couldn't it just keep instructions, or commands, on recreating what was made?

    I don't get it why you guys haven't already considered this. :roll:

    Because that requires PDN to be omniscient in order to know which edits were required and which had no effect on the final product. I think omniscience is slated for V 5.0, but I'd have to look at the road map.

  3. I need to get some of the images for silk screen printing. I need to have the colors separated into different layers. Will I be able to do this in PDN?

    Yes, the Extract Channel plug in can give you several channel options. For this I assume you would want CMYK, which this plug in does use. I hope you have it, it is in effects->color->extract channel. It may be part of one of the effect packs, explaining why I didn't find it in the plug in index. Add: Ah, the Ed Harvey Effect Pack for 3.5 has it.

    Of course, you would need to copy the original image into the proper number of layers and then run the effect on each layer. It takes a minute or so for four color layers.

  4. Thanks, didn't thought of shortcut keys for this matter...

    Even if you don't think this would enhance the program;

    would it be hard to implement this feature for us who does?

    I think the problem is what you mean by "remembering" the setting from the previous use. Is that the current session? Is that remember it from the one time you used that function last year? Also, based on what you are saying, there is a context issue. You set one tool at 2, and want another at 15. Fine. Is that always true? Will you always want that tool to be at 15 when you use it? If not, then remembering the tool setting will become the problem next time. It doesn't actually make it an enhancement if it just forces a change of a value at a different time than it does now.

  5. This is reproducible on my system, following the steps he listed. It occurs anytime you select the filename in the save as dialog and then select a different filetype to save as. It doesn't seem to matter which initial filetype you choose, if you select the original file in the dialog of the save as you will save it as the original filetype regardless of which filetype you choose afterward. I run WinXP on this system. Edit: PDN 3.5.2

  6. The "checkerboard" portion is really transparent. JPEG doesn't support transparency, so it automatically will convert to a solid color on save. If you want it white, you actually don't need to do anything. That is the default color for transparent sections with JPEG. If you want a different color (say you need a JPEG on a web page for some reason, but you want the transparent area to match the color of the page), then you would open another layer underneath the image, fill it with the appropriate color, and then merge the layers.

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