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  1. hmm, a bigger workspace, maybe the most obvious at the moment when working with it. But in my opinion, this plugin is so awesome that it deserves to be a standalone app. There are not much vector editors out there, this would be perfect for what it would be meant for, simple vector drawing with advanced features at the same time. Never thought about it ? Another idea : integrate all of these features natively in, so it will turn into a hybrid editor with all of its basic features, plus simple vector drawing. All that combined with the power of plugins would make a tenor in the domain.
  2. This happens to me too. When it is ticked, this somehow affects both adjustments and effects menu. I had never noticed this problem until it bothers me in a particular context. Diag :
  3. wow ^^ well I did search for a similar request in this section before posting but found nothing. My current screen resolution is 1080p, as in the screenshot. Also, the same problem occurs in the effects menu if PDN is in another language than english, then some plugins become unsorted and this adds en extra height that requires to scroll down, again, by clicking on that little bar.
  4. As the title says, I would like to be able to mouse-scroll freely in menus instead of having to click on a 10px height micro bar. It's surprising to see this while 99.9% of programs do it.
  5. Image Umbrella: Realistic Images

    I was hesitating about this, done.
  6. Yellowman

    @yellowman your understanding of light/shading is impressive. These are probably the most difficult to do. The alarmlock and the phonograph are amazing.
  7. Image Umbrella: Realistic Images

    An attempt inspired by the famous Bliss background. Clouds are not bad, isn't it ?
  8. Well, I think at this level I would call it more a kind of advice than a tutorial because of its simplicity, but beginners may not think about this easy solution. As a typesetter in a fansub team, this for example is nearly impossible to do in aegisub, although it would be useful for a plenty of fonts. Thanks. (Note to admins bis : italic forces bold form actually)
  9. This simple quick effect might be useful in case you want rounded edges for a font that basically is not rounded. Needed plugin : Overblur Open a new canvas and/or add a new layer (CTRL+SHIFT+N) Click on (T hotkey) and choose a regular font. I took Segoe UI at size 36 for my example Disable anti-aliasing Type some text then press Enter to finish Duplicate the layer (CTRL+SHIFT+D) Effects Blurs Overblur Apply the effect and merge down the layer :MergeLayerDown: (CTRL+M) Play with values to get different results (it varies according to the font size) The Outline object plugin by BoltBait or the one by pyrochild can do similar effects in a single layer. Simpler and faster, but results may slightly differ. (Note to admins : there seems to be a problem with the antialiasing emoticon, even when the bbcode is manually edited, images are forced into the emoticon format. "AntiAliasingDisabled" appears twice in the emoticon page)
  10. Yep it seems harmless, that file contains some infos and credits. The problem (to me) is that there is no prompt for the user. From there a redirection to a less safe place might be possible or whatever unsafe things.
  11. Radius Corners v1.5 (Sept 10, 2016)

    It's okay. I've got some scripting skills, I know it's different from coding. I didn't say that it would be easy, but still, I've no doubt that it's doable for experimented devloppers. I'll post there and see what will happen.
  12. I've just noticed that every time at first run when I use Kri's Average blur or drop shadow effect, PDN requests an internet connection in background. Any explanation ?
  13. Radius Corners v1.5 (Sept 10, 2016)

    Maybe, but this kind of what you call low tech effect is in fact what produces the most satisfying result in several contexts. Basic antialias is a great example of the simpler the better, as it provides clear cutedges where other similar plugins add blur, thus resulting in an uncomfortable squinty feel. I think it's useless to ask to Pyjo himself because he didn't show any activity since 2 years. I'm not a devlopper at all so I'm not familiar with technical terms, but settings like radius and strength are sufficient. I'm sure there is a way of performing the same effect of the « scenario » you talked about in a simple plugin. The question is, does somebody will ever make it ? If you have some advices on antialiasing methods, I'm listening. Comparison : normal / magnified
  14. Radius Corners v1.5 (Sept 10, 2016)

    Any chance for making this built-in antialias as a standalone effect ? I'm looking for something like the basic anti-alias plugin by pyjo but with customizable values. Feather is too agressive and blurs edges, and AAs is not effective in several cases. Scriptlab would have saved a lot of time if it was working...
  15. Image Umbrella: Interfaces

    Hey there. I didn't come on this forum since some years. Yesterday I updated all of my plugins (over 400!). Most of my passtime is to make NSIS packages. And of course, all of my graphical work (UI, icons etc...) is made in PDN. - Xion skins are my firsts attempts so they're a part of my learning - I openend my Blog - I made some Personas for Firefox - My most recent work was an update of my upgrade kit which is a contribution to the XDA Optimus Black dev forum Well, I'm not so skilled like certain people, but I love Paint.Net. My next challenge may be making wallpapers, I hope !