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  1. NICE tree Yellowman! :shock: It never ceases to amaze me how doodling can turn into such incredible looking final products. I made a CD label for my band, I thought I'd throw it up. I have to admit that the whale/leviathan isn't entirely my work, I did somewhat trace this image: http://fascinatingly.com/wp-content/upl ... _whale.jpg But as you can see, they hardly even look similar.
  2. Use the median effect to create an outline(/inline?) of an image on a transparent layer. Use the settings: -Percentile: 0, Radius: x decrease image outline by x. -Percentile: 100, Radius: y increase image outline by y. I use it all the time. Hope it helps.
  3. At The Throne Of Judgment - Discarnate by Design
  4. Linkin Park had something with Hybrid Theory. then they decided to... mature... :shock:. didnt work for them IMO. Taking Back Sunday - Timberwolves at New Jersey
  5. nice ropes! i did a flyer for my band tFOM's next show. thought i'd post it up here. yes, it HAD to be in black and white.
  6. personally, i think they're only worth it if you have about 500 of them animated, so you can sit there for 2 hours and watch them scroll by. every 100th one or so has to be silly, like 'Oxygen User', just for added giggles.
  7. i fail to see how this is useful. i have not downloaded it yet, if im persuaded otherwise i might have to.
  8. whos the banned? o_o i think you need to become aquainted with a little friend of mine. his name is Antialias Sometimes Feathering. i dont know WHAT his parents were thinking, however, he is useful.
  9. chainsaws are morbid. how about some happy Prog-Punk influenced art?
  10. i like skin. how about you chop it out of a picture of a real person, adjust for brightness, saturation, etc?
  11. true O.O the person below me has never touched a 10-string guitar
  12. the second one is too nice. the first one is too un-nice. >.< how about you take the second one, and do a border or such that makes the backround of the words stand out less. it looks really out of place right now.
  13. i was surprised how easy the above was. im a ex-user of paintshop and gimp, and i about peed my pants when i realized how simple cutting stuff could be. hm.
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