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  1. Thanks, I'll be using this a lot in the future.
  2. Thanks, I'll be using this a lot in the future.
  3. Holy cow! Nice plugin! I was looking for an outline since.. ever!
  4. Nice tutorial, I used it on my sig's border.
  5. I really like this tutorial, it helps me whenever I think of which kind of button should I use when I code my website! Keep it up.
  6. Here it is, the moment you and I am waiting for. My layout! It's currently viewable here & its also coded, so that saves time for you:http://www.freewebs.com/pdnv1/ Well, its pretty simple but effective looking. Anyway, for those people that are having a hard time seeing it, here is the image:
  7. Sorry to interrupt everybodys work, but where can I find the "Value" of the colour? Lmao.
  8. I need some help making a border on my sig. I'm gonna use BuzzKill's sig for example. I want to know how he made that border, all that complicated looking gray is all I want to know how to make. Please and Thanks. Credits: BuzzKill (I hope you don't get mad to me for using your sig)
  9. So I have to save it in png before I take the picture? Sorry I'm just new to this
  10. The title says it all, please help out. Because when I take that picture, there is some like tiny dots that I don't want, meaning like when you save a file as GIF it will turn out to have bad quality. Please & Thanks!
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