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  1. k thanks im new i don't kno whree to post bloody potato lol
  2. i have read the tutorials and what not.. but i don't understand how you get the fire actually look like fire.. i see some people make it swirl and stuff.. is there a special plug in i can download? mine kinda just look like splatters of fire- colored clouds
  3. AGHHH i can't get mine to turn out good
  4. ok (sorry to keep askin quetsions) but i got it grey and now i just can't get it a good color.. i want it like a baby blue but i try usin the recolor tool and ti dosnt' really work and the levels didn't go well for me either
  5. i can't figure out how to use the color saturation tool.. i move the dials and it doesn't seem to do anything
  6. hey i was wondering, how to paint a car.. like still have it look the same just different body color i know how to make it a solid color.. i've tryed that recolor tool but i just can't get it to work good any tips??