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  1. Nope, mine doesn't. But I am reading these reviews about the transfer and I am almost regretting this because I am sure after I do it I can't return it. I'll try on a less liked shirt first I guess.
  2. You serious? I thought I had to do it like a tattoo? I mean can it really be that easy? I guess I'll try it. =)
  3. Hello everyone, been awhile since I have posted. I just got a Vista and am loving it. P.N really is better on it. Anyways I am making a shirt and I have my design ready I just need to do one thing, flip it. The picture attached is the insert they gave me and they say to flip it or whatnot, so read this and my question is, how do I do it? Thanks.
  4. I have this new little PSP XMB Theme creator and when I make a picture and try to submit it into the creator it says it needs to be: File: TGA/PNG/GIM Image Size: 64 x 48 Format: 8bit Index (32bit Color) Image I have the picture I want as 28x28 and when I go check the properties of the image it is in fact .png, and it's bit depth is 32... For a color image. I am no expert on computer lingo, but how can I meet those requirements? Or is the Theme Creator to blame? If anyone uses this or has done this at all, please help. Or if I need any plugins please tell me. I need a good theme. Thanks in advance. =) I'll try the picture upload thing below as the pic for my PSP.
  5. Though this may be 3 pages deep I thought I would go ahead and tell everyone I did get my Zune. It's not a scam! *looks up, says "thank you"* I got white, but hey it matches my 360! Anyways just thought I would inform you all. =)
  6. [50] Cthulhu, from Lovecraft's writings [70] The Master, from Doctor Who [60] The Wraith, from Stargate Atlantis [35] The Covenant, from Halo [25] The Borg, from Star Trek [30] Ganon, from the Legend of Zelda Series
  7. I know, my brain just slipped at the time. OT: Done, but now your feet are too small to walk. I wish that Zune would own the iPod and that Apple will never make another iPod.
  8. Done but they are pounds of pie... That blow up. =D I wish Halo 3 would come out already, I am tired of all these spoilers! oops.
  9. I ordered my Zune about a week ago. Do you all know what color they give out, is it random? I really want a black one, I just don't want to end up with a pink one. :shock: Also could I order a Zune leather case, a tote bag and PGR3 on a different account, but to the same address?
  10. My rants: My movie maker can't make movies play backwards. Wallets, when I buy them, they cost too much and then I don't have any money to put in it. I hate people who base love of looks. Peter Moore left the Xbox team. I don't have enough money to get a Halo 360, a halo headset and controller, then still have enough to get me some microsoft points. =( Those are my rants, for right now.
  11. I should have made this thread 2 days ago when I thought about it. =( Gamertag: uncle jordan Most Played Game: Guitar Hero 2 (as of now) Any Good: 30 kills with a hog in Halo 2, is that good. How about 20 kills average with BR?
  12. Hah, I must go edit it now and use it as my own. *off to Bungie* =) Seriously though, got a gamertag? Mine's my username. lol. Going to work on that wp later.
  13. I know of a certain macro, bot, on 110mb(?), but I don't think it is legal, or wise to post it, maybe find it yourself. I don't personally use it, I just read it on the Xbox forums. I saw a vid of it working, it's a cheap way of doing it though. I'm editing a lot to day. Good to know some people got their prizes.
  14. Heck yeah! I take cotton balls, soak them in bug spray, line them up as the Daredevil symbol and light it up. =) I also play with fireworks. =D False to tpam. I play Xbox 360 most, P.N is second. tpbm, is a Green Day Fan.
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