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  1. Just messing around and came up with this new set You like?
  2. Rubrica:7/10 , its just text, but its got a nice effect Yay , new sig and avatar What do you think
  3. Quite rushed in time for deadline, but here it is! I call it Googled Google!
  4. namiyoshi narmeeyochee naamyyoshee arrgghh! 7.87557564658754687576757787678767876688/10
  5. Since im going on my holiday to corfu on monday ill submit mine now. I hope this one hasnt got copyright on it Removed by Rick again: For goodness sake, read the rules above! Saying "I hope this one hasn't got copyright on it" is absolutely not good enough. You need to cite where the image is from. Plagiarism is not acceptable. "If you use stock images, find out if they are copyrighted and if he owner wishes for them to be used." Source images: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/49639853/
  6. Eats Pyrochilds thread Yummy! :twisted:
  7. Hi, im really stumped about how to link images usedHONDA does it drakaan does it How do you do it! Sincerly Hawk
  8. spider pig, spider pig , does whatever a spiderpig does. can he swing , from a web? no he cant , he's a pig! look out..... here comes spider pig!
  9. Hi , i thought it might be worth having a thread were people can show people your very own london 2012 olympic logo instead of the real one which is really really bad and looks like a childrens jigsaw puzzle Have fun making them!
  10. I was just wondering how to link pictures in the forums Please reply me or pm me thanks Hawkeyes2k7
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